A Movement Community of Passion and Purpose!

Dedicated Empaths

We are the beginning of a new way of living, in harmony with the natural world, reaching out to others of our kind, indulging in the ecstasy of true communication, without words or language barriers. We understand the importance of getting a jump start on empathy at any age, and how the survival of our planet depends on it. Building on the work and concepts of Tammy Narena, the creator of Telesymbols, we are also building this new gestural sign language: Empatharian, for all human beings and their inner and outer peace.

First-Rate Course Offerings

We embrace a learning environment that will prepare human beings of all ages for making a difference in the real world. The whole person is nurtured with storytelling, improvisational arts and music, as well as literacy games, empathy exercises, and the movement training.

Our Mission

  • To promote understanding and empathy for others in all peoples, through Empatharian, a language of gestures.
  • To build collaboration worldwide between all nations and cultures, dancers, spiritual seekers, and teachers of literacy, using the language Empatharian,
  • To build the language and vocabulary of movements
    teaching people of all ages and cultures in the process.
  • To build a peace-building process that is resilient, inspirational, and sustainable for the survival of humanity and the planet earth.
  • Our focus is on literacy and communication.