Authentic Leadership

In days gone by, feelings were dangerous things that needed to be tamed. If you showed your feelings, it was sign of weakness, that others shunned. If you were upset, you hid it, and pretended everything was okay. We know now of course that this is the wrong approach. Suppressing your emotions doesn’t solve the problem; it only exacerbates it.
The emotional explosions that result can be harmful to relationships, scare people, and become a manipulation in themselves. This style of leadership may keep people from angering you to your face, but behind your back people assert their independence, and you are not really respected at all. In organizations with this kind of leadership, creativity is stifled, teams don’t work well together, and substance abuse is rife. Unhappy people are productive only enough to get by.
Empatharian leadership training creates the environment for compassionate understanding, open communication, and safe expression of feelings. In this way, teams can come together and work through problems, find creative solutions, and utilize each person’s individual skills. Leaders facilitate alignment on goals, deadlines, and a realistic assessment of the job or issue.
As you confront the work being done in satisfactory or unsatisfactory ways, you give and ask for feedback and suggestions for your team to course-correct. When you feel misunderstood or ignored, you look for the reason and work it through with the team to understand with empathy what barriers are coming up, and what can be done to clear the communication.
“The most important quality for leadership today is Empathy.”

Empatharian Leadership Training offers business leaders a safe space to cultivate, explore and practice embodying empathy in your work. You will learn facilitation skills, conflict resolution skills, and non-violent communication, which all put empathy for the other as key.

You will learn how to graciously take a stand for peace-building, and not take attacks personally. You will learn to translate into requests for action, all the wild emotionalism of clients or co-workers, bosses or students. You will be able to ask clarifying questions to create a common inspiration or purpose, a road map for business success emerges graciously and creatively, taking business achievements to a whole new level of success.

We live in an age of anxiety: anxiety for our survival, our planet’s survival, and our families survival. This anxiety is reasonable, on one hand, and yet completely unworkable as a mode of being. To be effective in confronting survival in the past, people would harness adrenaline in attacking an enemy, so fear helped by mobilizing this attack mode.

However, physiologically that same adrenaline bypasses the cerebral cortex, bypasses rational thinking, and numbs your sense of pain. It exacts a terrible cost as body memory mobilized into trauma response, and stress. This post-traumatic stress attacks the nervous system, just as suppressed emotions spill out into explosions, in the same way this stress creates unintended harm on your body.

Empatharian works with the body and nervous system, harnessing spiritual energy for clearing and releasing blockages and tension. We use methods of art improvisation and movement improvisation to channel and express emotions, to help re-tell difficult stories in a safe way. In real time, you have the opportunity of re-writing the script of those stories, and making a stand for yourself, and forgiveness. Stress is released, channelled, and used creatively, in your own journal, workbook, and with permission and non-judgement in a talking circle with others in the course. You will create a new personal embodiment of your purpose and spiritual direction going forward.

You will embody empathy, for yourself as well as others, and in this way find yourself healthier, happier and exponentially more effective in life and as a leader.

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