Jam, Jelly, Celery and Banana Packages

PEACE BOOM, THE FULL REVEAL – zoom events are ongoing on Sundays, 1PM pacific time, with a pre-registration, and a zoom link will be sent to you.  However, you can also

JAM: $7- a download of the Peace Boom Training DVD, and a  15 minutes Peace Boom “Jam”, to continue the practice daily.

JELLY: $17- a live 1 hour EMPATHARIAN ZOOM CIRCLE (Wednesdays, Noon Pacific Time), with Empatharians Lolo Lesser, and members circling the globe.  Includes Peace Boom, feelings improv with art, pairs, and a weekly Peace-building Tool, FACILITATED BY LOLO (details on Facebook, Empatharian page) – story talking circles, breath, self-massage, and a worldwide healing network. 

Celery: $47 – an hour Personal Consultation via Zoom with Lolo Lesser, Empatharian Life Coach.  This introductory session can be with a single person, a couple, or a family and includes Peace Boom introductory instruction, a recording of your hour, and a co-creative feelings improv with art, movement and a special individual practice co-created for you.  

BANANA Empatharian LIFE COACH Training: 275.00 (reg. 470.00)

Includes- 4 DAYS of experiential training and co-creation!

1. DVD of Music and narration for practicing PB in 10-15 minute sessions- 21 Separate sessions. – $147

2. Download of PEACE BOOM, THE FULL REVEAL, Training video, for personal use, 


5. Empatharian Zoom Circle -10 sessions, value $170 

6. 4 personal consultations with Lolo Lesser, value 188.00.

7. Certificate of Completion, and opportunity to apply for Certification as an Empatharian LIFE COACH – 

12 simple easy movements that help you keep peaceful no matter what happens. Feel less stressed, more centered in 7 short minutes.

Cultivate your own energy resources, whether you feel anxious, depressed, or sluggish – body-mind tools empowered with spirit.

Align with source energies: energized, focused and inspired. Without kneeling, sweating, or hyperventilating.

Discover self-nurturing to be the caring parent for yourself. Build a strong core physically, mentally and spiritually , which allows for vulnerability and imperfection, unconditional acceptance and healing.

Hear deeply the secret coded messages your body sends, trusting and relaxing into alignment and natural posture in harmony with our earth and the air we breath.

Relieve aches and pains with the natural painkillers your body can produce, moving through stiffness gently and joyfully.

Register Now :  anempatharian@gmail.com