WISDOM: Are we there yet?

Wisdom is the last word of the movement meditation/peace prayer that is the “Empath Stretch”. Why do we call this thing a stretch? What is Wisdom?

Does it come with experience? Is it also innate? How is it that we arrive here, always? Do we?

Researchers in the field of positive psychology have defined wisdom as the coordination of “knowledge and experience” and “its deliberate use to improve well being.”[43] Under this definition, wisdom is further defined as a multidimensional construct with the following facets:[44]

  • Problem Solving with self-knowledge and sustainable actions.
  • Contextual sincerity to the circumstances with knowledge of its negative (or constraints) and positive aspects.
  • Value based consistent actions with knowledge of diversity in ethical opinions.
  • Tolerance towards uncertainty in life with unconditional acceptance.
  • Empathy with oneself to understand one’s own emotions (or to be emotionally oriented), morals…etc. and others feelings including the ability to see oneself as part of a larger whole.

The gesture for this multi-dimensional concept Wisdom is simple: arms are straight up, hands vertical and facing each other, shoulders down and relaxed, spine straight. A belly breath inas the hands are raised to this vertical position, and gentle out breath as you hold the position. Feel the fingertips reaching up, gently, holding the position, fully embodied.

We stretch our selves, to embody wisdom, and the whole meditation:

Everyone, everywhere triumphs

Making a Stand for Peace,,

which Iss

enthused, dignified energy,,

Seeking heart connections to innate joy and WISDOM. </b>.

For myself I have grown through many experiences, a very varied life in many countries, with wonderful friends all over the world. I feel grateful for so much, people, humanity, strangers quite often have helped me to overcome adversity and what seemed like insurmountable barriers, over and over again.

Today, in this quarantine time, memories of blessed spiritual retreats, solitary and with others, infuse me. This quarantine feels so different because: we are all doing it together- people all over the world. There is this delicious international flavor to my social media posting, as my friends from all over the world share their lives, their experience, and so many wonderful pieces of wisdom. Yes, my mornings are solitary, but my afternoons and evenings are full with all of You.

I pray that our nation will survive this trial. America is such an inspiration to the world: our wildness, our creativity, our friendliness, our warmth. Our brilliant innovators, our ingenuity, our music, our style and verve. Our democracy was modeled on other democracies in the world, and in the end was a republic, with two houses of a congress, three branches of government, and a theoretical system of checks and balances so that power would not be usurped by any one branch. Our founding fathers had a wisdom of foresight in their design, but could not have imagined a world where machines take over peoples jobs, and our civilization manages to dangerously upset nature’s balance. More people have anxiety and stress disorders and diseases caused by them, than ever before in the history of mankind.

It’s time for some Wisdom.

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