Why Now?

This pandemic has stimulated a whole lot of communicating with people all over the world. With time on our hands to think about what we want for the future, what is education, what are the things we really need to teach our children, what we need ourselves to feel good, we seem tuned to a more spiritual wave length. It’s exciting to discover so many people aligned in a message of peace and harmony, and keeping each other safe.

I hope that Empatharian Movement for Peace can become a viral idea that populates a wellness for this planet that we’ve never yet experienced. In America now there are many people interested and talking about creating a culture of empathy, compassion, and caring beyond what’s been going on in this country.

America has been extremely divided as a people, and very divisive in our closed mindedness about so many issues. Racism, greed, and intolerance have reared ugly and front and center in our leadership, whose lack of respect or empathy for the suffering of the many right now is really despicable. Never has the lack of empathy been so glaringly seen as a major fault, as it is right now. This gives us a unique opportunity for transformation of the way we talk to each other.

The name-calling, blaming and shaming, and distracting with false issues and lies, has helped highlight for the world the kind of communication that is Violent, Manipulative and Dishonest at its heart. Seeing these worst scenarios acted out, over and over again, and having other better orators and fact-checkers highlight the grossness repeatedly, we are learning what Not to do within our own families. A new kind of communication, a non-violent communication, has taken hold among a forefront of people, and we are all learning how that can heal the most broken situations. Perhaps someone will heal this broken presidency before the electorate does so in November!

Will you be one of the people to start spreading this healthy healing? Let me know- While I’m getting 12-15 Facebook “friend” requests a day it seems the perfect time to launch an online communication and education platform that is video chat based. It seems a good idea to make time limits: 10 minutes a day, if we want to get a short exercise/ meditation/ movement session in daily. I will be starting to do this, as soon as I have my home studio set up to be soundproofed.

When I was 23, my mother Tammy taught a class of her new Telesymbols in which I was included. She lived on the bluffs of Pacific Palisades and a young man was learning a duet with me to do a performance for an event we had planned. Our sessions ended abruptly a few months later, when Tammy exploded at his lack of feeling in the dance she was painstakingly choreographing. That became a turning point for him, and the next time I saw him, he was happily out as a gay man, but he still refused to see my mother ever again.

That was 1973, and the beginning of a revolution that now has come to a really full fruition. LGBTQ people are accepted and thriving, we are a more expressive and open society. Expressing emotion is commonly understood to be a healthy thing, and often a healing thing. So doing the Empatharian Movements with feeling, and authenticity, allowing emotions to be seen and expressed fully, is accepted for men as well as for women and all those in between. Now is the time for us to move these gestures proudly.

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