What You Get From Doing Empatharian Practice

What you get from doing this work

Increased empathy-

Doing the Empatharian work trains and strengthens a sacred attachment to inner core source energies of love, luminescence and presence in the body. It starts with the self, nurturing the self beyond personality or ideas of “success” or “winning”, nurturing the body that you reside in. It is a non-judgemental space where all can progress at their own personal pace, and appearances do not matter.

Empathy for self is the first task, as you forgive yourselves for holding false standards to your okayness, and realize that you are OK just the way you are. You practice trusting your body, listening to your body, and taking positions that stretch gently your body, mind and spirit.


You will touch into a core of being that is expansive and warm; This deepest attachment is not to material things outside the self, not to the car you want or the house on the hill. This deep attachment is like the love you feel for your only first born son, fresh as a baby, deeply strongly radiant from the heart. Adoration in its purest form resides there inside you, and radiates out: first to your loved ones, then wider, to the world. Your brilliant luminescence shines on all, the good and the bad.


You practice breathing in a new way: fully taking in lifegiving oxygen into your deepest belly and back, and breathing out completely expelling the carbon dioxide that the trees and grass need to live. Each breath is a sacred blessing exchange with the earth, and a promise of strength, health, and rejuvenation.

When you are in authentic relationship with yourself, you’ve set free an inner child who expresses and radiates inspiration and enthusiasm. Like laughter, it’s contagious, and like a smile it becomes a force for good in your own life, awakening and enlivening all your communications. When you are in this space, it’s natural to come from empathy and caring for others.
Like a magic bullet, this self-love has transformed all your relationships. You no longer need to react to happenings and people in the same old way: You have heightened senses of intuition and empathy. You can sit with others and tolerate their emotional expressiveness with a curiosity to decipher the message of request that is hidden there. You can gently be a builder of peace, making a stand with love unfurled, that all can be winners in this game of life.

You come to this life with messages and requests from your ancestors, from your DNA, from the country you live in, the culture you grow up in. All of these layers upon your cellular awareness in the present, you carry into the future, a future which is already present in the unfurling health of awareness and understanding that lives in the now.
Human beings have survived for many centuries living in the “Flight, Fight or Freeze” mentality, and it served well with predators like dinosaurs and bears, iron level warfare, and the rest, for all those centuries. Humans survived from the mud, to become a species who is now exterminating species on the planet at an alarming rate, solely because of our attachments to things outside of ourselves: the cars, the houses, the “success” that comes at the expense of others of our own species.
And we are actually exterminating ourselves, with the crippling anxiety and depression that is epidemic in our first world, this developed civilization. As we pause with the pandemic related disruption of our world, the inequity is painful. The sacred pause of our civilization has allowed us to feel what was there all along, buffeted with medications, dumbed down with a toothless education system, the price of man’s inhumanity to man: Our forced abandonment of the core, the natural world, our trees, our earth.
Empatharian doesn’t provide answers, only a new way of being: from Homo Sapiens, the next evolution is Homo Luminaris. With Empatharian you can develop those new/old senses and abilities that have actually created the Tribal societies, that have empowered human beings from the beginning, to live together happily, in peace and prosperity. Happiness is yours to generate.

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