What is Going ON? What we CAN do about it: cultural changemakers

With George Floyd’s last straw/draw of breath, our world ruptured into heartbreak for the racism, injustice, and inequity that pervades us All the while this epic pandemic has ravaged our most vulnerable, stopping our supercilious and exploitative consumer culture, perhaps forever. We are all in mourning for our old unconscious lives, but they are gone forever.

We now have the challenge and opportunity to move forward with renewed vision of the world and the community, the family that we want and need. The inter-connectedness, the interdependence, and the globalization of our world, can no longer be denied. With the technology of the internet, we are joined together as a people, and our compassion for the less fortunate has grown.

The Empatharian Movement for Peace originated in a concept of Tammy Narena, a prima ballerina and dance master teacher, almost 50 years ago. Her daughter, Lolo Lesser is a creativity counselor and trainer, and has amalgamated with her mother’s work, a Peace Arts Curriculum for ages 5 to 105. Beyond the Empatharian body movement , it includes art improvisation, storytelling, talking circles, and empathy exercises.

The modus operandi is creating a universally understood gestural language, Empatharian, collaborating with all cultures and practitioners of gestural sign languages, not to take away from that cultural diversity, but to add one new language. Not just hand signs, but movement, which is healing, therapeutic, and heart-felt, across language barriers, cultural barriers, religious barriers, and political barriers. We put out a call for ALL to participate, and create a structure where people are seen and rewarded for the effort of who they are, expressing themselves, and having us get it.

Moving you with universally understood, delicious, finely aligned and easy! symbolic gestures, The Empatharian Movement for Peace creates peace-builders, emotional expression, abstract thinking, values based living, and literacy. This is a channel for individualization, and interpretations, conversations and authentic community worldwide. And, of course, it’s a Peace Prayer, in movement.

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