Faster Healing of Broken Bones Demonstrated

My broken foot story:

We have the strength- the courage! To know that All is Possible! -Affirmation for “Wins” by Tammy Narena

It was a beautiful day to go to the beach, and I was excited!  I skipped down the path to the water, imagining low tide, hoping for low tide, so I could sprint along the sand exposed and race up the beach to the other side of the bay, and hike up home that way.  I’d done this walk many times, but it had been a few days since my last beach sprint, and I could hardly wait.

What happened is: I fell.  One step missed and I tumbled over with the wood of the step catching my foot with a crack.  Ow.  I yelled and it really really hurt.: stunned, the pain excruciating. After a few minutes, I somehow made my way back up the path to home.

Getting Professional Help

After the third day of icing and elevating my foot, it was more swollen, turning purple, and throbbing. I went to the Urgent Care and the x-rays showed a small break in my foot, not just a sprain.  I went home with crutches, and a fat plastic boot all the way up to my knee.  I was not to put any weight on my foot.  I had an appointment set up for the soonest the orthopedic specialist could see me, which was five weeks away.

I continued to do Empatharian Practice daily, doing the Empath Stretch for 20 minutes each morning, if it was seated or standing on one foot, I did it.  And I felt better afterwards, always.  The Empath Stretch stimulates seratonin in the body, which is a natural pain-killer, as well as everything else.  As I did the practice, my mind enveloped my whole body and beyond, healing energy was being generated, there and then, and it continued.

Going to The Orthopedic Clinic

So finally the day for the Orthopedic appointment came, and they took more x-rays.  The doctor told me that I did not have a broken foot, there was no break to be seen.  He removed the boot, and gave me an ankle brace for my sprained ankle, which was still a bit swollen and painful.  He told me that I could now walk on the foot, as much as I wanted to.  Hallelujah!

After another couple of weeks of walking, I started my morning run routine again, every other day to start.  And Empatharian was now being done outside in the fresh air, cold as the autumn mornings were, and occasionally wet, I took 20 minutes of Empath Stretch outside 5 days a week.

After 4 weeks, I had no ankle pain at all, and took off the brace.  I was fully recovered.

The Empatharian practice stimulated my body to heal faster, to re-build cellular structures, and to function more fully, even as I did it from a seated position or half standing.  As my circulation was boosted, more oxygen got delivered to the cells, the glands were stimulated specifically, and bone cells grew in the hairline crack that happened when I fell.

I healed my broken foot in six weeks, and the sprain in another 4.  I am 69 years old, in good health, and the primary exercise I do is Empatharian. I was able to continue doing it after the break from a seated position or on one foot, pretty much continuously 20 minutes per day.  I noticed that I needed to sleep a lot, it seemed.  I also made sure to drink a lot of water.


A healthy lifestyle is always important, but especially when you have a broken bone.  Always consult your doctor and the appropriate specialist, and use the tools and diagnosis they give you as keys to your recovery.  Ask them about doing Empatharian Practice daily to help promote your healing recovery, and do whatever they prescribe as your mode of practice, sitting, standing, etc.

Doing Empatharian has many benefits, and promoting faster healing of broken bones seems to be one benefit that’s been proven by my experience. All is possible!

The 4th Position of the Empath Stretch: “Wins”

Feet come together and elbows bend upwards, with a soft fist as if holding a baby bird that you are protecting from harm, arms pull back on the shoulders, head and neck straighten. You are stretching and opening the chest, massaging the back muscles, the spine between the shoulder blades, and stimulating the back section of your lungs with a compression.

Your biceps hold your arms up, becoming firm, your belly tightens with the out-breath, expands with the In-breath, continuing the expanded breathing that we have practiced with each position. But in this position the top of the head rises to the sky, chin very slightly tucked, spine stretches up, and the rib cage is massaged with the breath and the muscles becoming firm on the out-breath.

This position stimulates the production of endorphins that are the body’s natural pain killers. Many people can’t help a grin in this position, which becomes your natural storehouse of the endorphin comedy show, that brings laughter, magic and you back as well as relaxing shoulders, neck and strengthening arms and balance, and healing pain!

And we say this affirmation as we do this position slowly holding it:

We have the strength, the courage! To know that All is Possible!”

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