Value of Empatharian Movement for Peace

What we have developed is a technology of human development that doesn’t require professionalization, that doesn’t require individual sessions one on one, and that can be a prevention as well as a treatment modality for mental and social problems, as well as a therapy for helping heal physical problems.  It is also a fun and creative way to develop new friendships and connections in the world, expand trust, and be a language expert.

Essentially, we have a new game, a game that’s authentic: empowering human beings to travel virtually and actually all over the world, without language barriers, cultural barriers.  It’s hard to imagine as we’ve never done anything like this.

Empatharian is a language that all humans can intuitively understand, without any lessons at all.  It won’t be a spoken language; it is a sign language.  Like ASL (American Sign Language), it will be exciting to watch, but it will be more clear, not requiring words to be spelled out, because that would not have meaning in other cultures or nationalities.

Doing Empatharian on a football field, one person will stand out and be seen, because they’ve got whole body positions to convey the meanings, not just finger positions.  It’s an ideal cheerleader activity, because everyone can join in, easily and enjoyably, even if they don’t feel (or can’t) stand up.  The arm positions will convey the meanings.

Empatharian Circles are storytelling circles with wonderful creative challenges and sharing.  People expand their creativity and empathy, both important leadership qualities, and learning valuable communication techniques and conflict resolution strategies.  After the initial adult circles are complete, children’s circles, youth circles and elder circles will begin, taking all levels of Empatharian Peace Arts to those specialized populations and their needs.

Empatharian Circles are not free: each person must pay their dues of $40 per session, to the Facilitator who is specially certified by Empatharian Movement for Peace.   The Empatharian Facilitator has been specially trained, vetted, and is in constant communication with his Trainer Circle, and also pays for his own sessions regularly.

Empatharian Trainers are also Empatharian Life Coaches and may take on individual clients from time to time, and these fees are set at $200 per session.  Empatharian Trainers also participate on the Empatharian Council where they are moderating and curating the changes that occur in the language, as new consensus is developed from Circle input.

When there is conflict in the world, Empatharian Trainers may be called in to help with conflict resolution and setting up the systems for reconciliation and restitution, if need be.  International Truth and Reconciliation Courts will hear cases, brought with Empatharian Trainers to represent the parties, if need be.  These will be fee driven enterprises as well, with the United Nations coordinating the International Courts for Truth and Reconciliation, which is an independent body.

School Systems and Nations can contract with Empatharian America for a roll-out of Empatharian Peace Arts Curriculum in its school systems, starting with Elementary level.  University level training is Trainer training and Facilitator training, and these fees are $12M per year, for two years, upon which the Curriculum will be self-sustaining.

This is a template for negotiation with individual entities and organizations, who we are delighted to collaborate and coordinate with.

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