Using the Power of Embodiment For A Fountain of Youth

When you embody an intention or a thought, people can see it on your face, in your motion, in your posture, in your gestures. Your whole person – body, mind and spirit – are in alignment in a powerful way, such that a radiance or luminosity emerges from you. You are alight with the thought, the intention. You are unstoppable with an energy that permeates everything you touch, everything you do, and you are renewed with the energy of that intention/thought as soon as you bring it in.

First Law of Thermodynamics: Energy can be changed from one form to another, but it cannot be created or destroyed. The total amount of energy and matter in the Universe remains constant, merely changing from one form to another.

How Does Embodiment Work?
Empatharian Peace Arts Training involves a playful use of embodiment, cultivating individual intentions and individual thoughts to create actions, a sentence in gestures, something that one person or a group has worked out. Those actions become powerful vehicles for spiritual development, as you align and express your individual energy.

Boosting Energy When You’re Over 60
When people get old they can lose their sense of energy and volition. You become older and elderly when you may need assistance with rituals of daily living, that you don’t have the energy to complete. The body deteriorates. But why does the body deteriorate? Unhealthy ways of living may creep in, unnoticed, because the rest of society considers these ways of living normal.

Boosting Energy At Any Age
To boost your energy levels as you get older, you can do many things, and many of these things are accomplished by doing the Empatharian Peace Arts Practice.
• Strengthen the heart. The pumping machine known as the heart is a key player in energy levels. – Empatharian practice involves movement with music and rhythm, which helps to build aerobic power gently and safely.
• Build muscle. – Empatharian practice includes gentle stretches and lifting arms and legs, building muscle, building stamina, and strengthening the body, without making muscles bulge or noodle …
• Hydrate. – Regular water breaks in your day will make sure that you drink enough throughout your day, and balance the kidneys without sugars…
• Reduce stress – doing Empatharian Movement Meditation is a practice which helps your body and mind to focus on the moment, reduces stress, and promotes mental clarity …
• Consume healthy foods – organically grown green leafy vegetables and fruits, legumes, and nuts can be your staples for a healthy diet, eliminating salt, sugar, and grains that cause problems in the body.
• Stimulate the mind – Empatharian is a language that continually stimulates the mind to translate from the Empatharian gestural language to English or whatever your language may be. It stimulates thinking abstractly about values and thus stimulates creative thinking and new ideas.
• Engage in new hobbies. – Interacting in the Empatharian Peace Arts Groups introduces people of varying cultures and ethnicities, and becomes a cultural engagement and enrichment daily.
• Sleep well – Empatharian teaches relaxation techniques and breathing that helps create good sound sleep patterns, deep sleep, wonderful dreams, and waking up refreshed and ready for a new day.

By doing the Empatharian Peace Arts Practice, you can generate and expand your energy, and your energy field. To be age-less is possible when you are renewing your body-mind-spirit on a daily basis with doing Empatharian, and being Empatharian.

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