Up into Pandemic- Urban Space Legend Atoned- #13

Being quarantined for 68 years meant extra precautions were needed to insure that the return to the upper world would be safe. Artie was in charge of the “How’s” and “When’s”, and so his plan was very careful for the people of the underground world. He took into account strengthening their immune systems, strengthening their bodies, and strengthening their minds for the journey. He also helped the people gather supplies and tools for the journey, so that they could all shelter during the sweltering day, and travel by the light of the moon and stars, until they reached the destination that Tru would establish for them.


Packets of herbs and vitamins were assembled from the people’s stores. Turkey tail mushrooms, elderberries, ginger, and cayenne, as well as mint and cinnamon, were ready to make a tasty tea. Vitamin D3, Zinc, Vitamin C, and other pro-biotic multi-vitamins were already the staple of the people, as living underground required it.


The people had seeds of all kinds in their store room, and were growing most of the seeds into plants, which they harvested and ate. Their hydroponic gardens flourished with fertilizer from recycled waste, and the aquifer water. For Artie it was a paradise- it hardly took any work to harvest because no weeding, no cultivating, no mulching and no watering was needed. But all those vegetables and fruits needed to be dried and prepared for quick journey meals, and some of the nuts powdered for easy creamy milks.

Hygiene and water

Water needed to be carried, and bleach tablets, and pots arranged for water gathering later. Artie also made sure the people had enough soap so that washing on the road kept them from griminess. One change of clothes per person made sure they would look clean and not be harassed. They would wash what they didn’t wear, and it dried quickly near the sun.


The people needed skates so they would be able to travel farther faster. It was a big planet. They made wheels from hard rubber, and attached a board. Skateboards would be easier and safer for the children and old people. Trailers were fashioned from the mining gear the people used, and all the supplies, as well as toddlers and babies not in backpacks were put in the four trailers that the adults hauled.

Muscle Strengthh

The strength to travel 6 to 8 hours a day was something the underground people would build up to, starting with shorter stints. But many would feel muscle aches and pains when they stopped for rest, so Artie prepared them with salves and stretching exercises. While all were preparing, they did strength training, weight lifting, push ups, and runs on their track, 2 miles per day per 100 lb weight. Artie taught them the 100 bottles of beer song so they could sing while they ran and keep breathing deeply.

Breathing, Calming, Warmth, Soreness, Fear, Anger, Praisee

They did belly breathing exercises, and all the body hacks that Tru had from his family, some of which the people also already knew: Pulse calming, palms rubbing warmth (also good for soreness), teeth and nails touching for fear and anxiety, and loving anger away with praise.

Energetic Self-Massagee

Because the new world above would not allow hugs or touching, Artie trained all the underground people in the Chi Gong exercises that were self-massage, enlivening the muscles and organs with energetic pounding, 4 ways. He trained them to visualize their ancestors working through their own hands, giving loving energetics.


The people of the underground world had developed great empathy as they stayed together over the last 60 years, making space and caring for each other well. They were not well prepared for people very different from themselves, however, and Artie wanted to help them extend their empathy and compassion for all. Of course this was doing the Empath Stretch, which he had learned as a child in the orphanage where he grew up. Words and Gesture allowing feeling to flow, and the mind to align with wisdom, inner joy, and finding a heart connection:


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