Understanding Peace and Movement

This weekend we did an online webinar with St.Paul’s Free University: “Teacher Certification Workshop”, and discovered how to do webinars via You-Tube. You can watch it for free- and if you choose to get a free Certificate, we will send it to you. I will send you the links to watch this valuable webinar on request. In this seminar I cover the subject of being an effective teacher: teaching so that students can get it.

Now in the coronavirus19 quarantine that many of us are experiencing, there is more need for engaging content for adults and children stuck at home. At the same time, being stuck to a screen all day is a risk factor for depression, anxiety and anti-social behavior, in the end. Doing outdoor exercise, and indoor workouts is highly recommended, within the social distancing guidelines.

I’d like to propose that doing the simple Empath Stretches that this blog has described previously, not only helps our physical and mental health as exercise, but also affects focus, energy, and spiritual purpose. And on top of that it’s fun. Fun is needed! It lowers stress, and lowered stress improves our immune function. Additionally, lowered stress allows us to learn.

Feeling peace is a pre-requisite for learning, and improves learning. Many studies have shown the benefits of teaching children meditation and mindfulness techniques. When children are locked in stressful situations however, it can be hard to sit still, so the Empath Stretches are a good substitute, combining movement so that children can calm down.

Teachers understand that without empathy for their students, teaching is lecturing and slide shows: boring! Having empathy, you stretch yourself as a teacher to encourage empathy in your students: empathy for the subject matter, each other, themselves. According to the theory of multiple intelligences, Empathy is an essential social skill. It is more important to interact assertively with others to achieve success than to compete with them.

That is the purpose of Empatharian Movement for Peace: teaching assertive interaction.

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