to start a new culture

Today I start a blog about Empatharian, and who what where how it is, how you can be an Empatharian, like me! It’s a beautiful sunny day in the Pacific Northwest, land of many fogs and clouds. I’m hoping that though we are spread throughout the globe, across oceans, mountains, highways, we will be available to be neighbors. To be citizens of a utopian community of Peace-builders: Empatharians. We will need a common language, which might take a while to create. We will need to understand each other, and find ways of communicating, non-verbally is best.

My name is Lolo, and with the help of a cadre of friends, we have established that I am an Empatharian – a teacher of Empatharian, in a culture and world which we hope to turn Empatharian! It’s in us all: the capacity for love, understanding, and empathy.

Empatharian is a language, a gestural sign language, which as you see it, you get a sense of its meaning, the communication, the intention. It can be a movement meditation, a prayer in motion, a centering technique, and a guide to the higher self, when you do it.

It feels good when you do it. We are integrating mind, body, and spirit with this work; creating an engine of neurological quickening, energy generating, and physical manifestation. The thing for me is : doing it.

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