“The Unity of the American People…”

Tammy Narena, the creator of the concept for Empatharian, designed a performance in 1968, with movements representing these words:

“The Unity of the American People is a pledge – Understanding rules for the direction of happiness, understanding work to protect all the people. This is beautiful, thoughtful, dignified work.

“We pray that you work side by side with us, learning to protect America, Learning language communication – (Empatharian). This is: attaining work with communication, education, arts and science, as you with me understand-

“Teachers of language with thought with mind,

“Teachers of health science, with thought with mind,

“Teachers of government, political science, teachers of justice, with thought with mind.

“Attaining, attaining Communication! Communication- Communicating dignity, Individuality, kindness. Happiness with wisdom!

“Possessing freedom that was! That IS- and will be! All countries doing the (Empatharian Movement for Peace). With a world seeking harmony with trade. With a world seeking harmony with ideas.

“With America enthusing energy, enthusing love, building understanding people.”

– from a 1968- 6’x3’ painting: “A Telesymbol Demonstration”, with speaking chorus. We have a video of Tammy performing portions of this, 1979.

The meter of the words flows easily from the tongue. It sticks in your mind and echoes especially with the movements. It conveys Tammy’s vision and hope for America and her work Telesymbols, the precursor to what I have renamed Empatharian. After many disappointments, and some wonderful years, Tammy moved back to England in 2002, and passed away quietly at home in 2005.

She had a heart condition which had been diagnosed and though referred for surgery in 2003, she elected against it, saying, “I want to live by the grace of God only.” It hardly slowed her down, and she was vigorous and active, almost to her last day. It was a flu that had her bed-ridden, and there she passed away, shocking us all.

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