The Unified Field in a Poem of Origination

This poem by Tammy Narena creates the environment where “I’m moving words!” arose.

“I lay me down upon the grass- My hands upon my head And there, my back at last at rest, My eyes took on a different hue.

“I let my thoughts get dull and still, No sound as I my thoughts to fill Sought stillness, an inner comfort so, An inner light from top to toe.

“And in this sweet reverie I felt a strength flow to me I felt my body, precious so, An inner comfort my way blow.

“I stretched out swaying… me a tree, My every branch breathed… ecstasy! My leaves in the breeze, tiptoed Softly… round the globe- round the globe! This way and that, a though did rise, One does not surmise, one does not surmise.

The heart! It beats the chords of time, I’m in my prime- I’m in my prime! Ecstacy, this is vocabulary- I’m moving words- the whole of me!

Let’s spread those branches! Let us be!!

One knows the true and gracious self To rise and rise serene. So, dear, Who can know- this is me, Thinking love thoughts, kind thoughts-

For none to see!”

-from Tammy Narena 1978 Telesymbols!! The First Body System of Universal Communication., page 10 of 24 pages.

Today watching the amazing documentary about physicist David Bohm, who first created a unified theory of Quantum Potential, I was reminded of Tammy’s poem. Her insight to originate her work came to her, being connected to the earth, in and yet out of her body, in touch with an interconnected wholeness. This interconnected wholeness is what Reality actually is, not the brass tacks we think it is. Not the money, not the mortgage, not the food on the table, though all these things are in fact needed. They are all part of an invention of a dream that we make up as a culture, as a species, -made possible by our interconnection to all things.

When Tammy had the vision of leaves in the breeze tiptoeing softly round the globe, I hope she was envisioning her legacy bringing olive branches of peace throughout the whole planet earth.

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