The Ugly American,Racism, Trmp Tribe

It is never a good idea for teachers to display abusive behaviors and assert dominance by spreading fear. This will only stifle the progress of a child and will make them more anxious.

How sad that this rule/intimidate by fear is so effective on so many, who want to feel part of something. They are so alienated that the thick straps of fear are the only things to bind them to the “American” club.

But I think it is also their deep down fear that THEY are not “American” enough, that has them attack others, with such venom, such disgust. It’s a tribal thing: they need to feel part of a tribe. What tribe do you need to feel part of, and use venom and disgust to establish that you are NOT that?

I had a vision this morning that all those awful ignorant greedy qualities I abhor in the ugliest American (Trp) are in me, as well. I ensure those things don’t rule me by degrading him and them, but it’s a lie. We have those parts inside us, and as Americans we just haven’t really owned up to our little trespasses, driving to the liquor store, everywhere… wanting more and more. I’m going to stop now.

The reality is that we are all one, and love is the answer, yes. Loving those nasty little greedy scared parts, allowing ourselves to feel the truth of our depths, Empathy, kindness and compassionate action.

“Oh beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain,

For purple mountains majesty, across the fruited plain.

america america kind and gracious Be = god shed his grace on thee

And crown thy good with brotherhood, from see to shining see… ” – not our national anthem.

>>Many feel “God” is Love, and Kindness is the expression of our humanity. I have pondered hard about what “God” is – as perhaps we all have – for many years, and have translated it into “inner joy and wisdom” in my Empatharian Peace Demonstration. It is a Peace Anthem which is a gestural anthem as well as words, meant to replace the “pledge of allegiance”, which we’re outgrown… more on empatharian dot com.

  • Our schools need to re-introduce critical thinking and abstract thinking so that kids can survive this world, and the world itself can survive. Empatharian helps with this.
  • Climate change is stopped in its tracks when we stop driving, stop buying junk, and start appreciating organic gardening, farms, and simple foods.
  • Junk food pollutes bodies so that their immunity is lowered, brain function diminished, and the subtle energies of nature are overcome.
  • A pledge to peace-building through seeking heart connections, inner joy and wisdom, might have more relevance today. Pledging allegiance to a flag, to a republic, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all, just might not ring true these days. Under the circumstances of our melting pot culture, it had its place and time.

Today is a new day, new challenges, new truths. With love, with empathy, we shall overcome.

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