The Secret of the Soft Fist: Love

The soft fist is slightly open, imagining a tiny baby bird gently craddled inside, and you holding and keeping it safe from harm. This baby bird is Love, a stardrop of radiance warming our hands all the way to our heart. So as you hold the position for “Win” or “wins” in a sentence like: “Everybody wins”, the feeling of that baby bird travels all the way up your arms directly to the heart, warming and softening.

In the Empatharian gesture for “Win” we lift our arms, elbows bent, fists curled softly, forming a “W” with our shoulders, neck, arms, and wrists. For most people looking at it, it’s the gesture for “I’ve won”, it’s intuitive. But in Empatharian, the fist is held a special way, that reminds us of the preciousness of life, and our place to uphold it. This soft fist warms our hearts, and holds the feelings to our mind, securing our spirit in source.

Human beings strive to be successful, strive to win. We want to have that wonderful feeling of being victorious. It is human nature to desire to progress in the world. It is not necessary to have an adversary at all. Our biggest adversary is always ourselves and our own thinking. So the biggest win, the best win, will always be that win shared with everyone.

Let’s explore that thought, in a poem by Tammy Narena, from her 1978 book, page 4:


The thought that I cannot sound aloud

Penetrate with lightning shafts of memory

That this is, as was before-

One knows a physical downpour Of wrapped little gifts of feeling, That makes heavy the fire that burns with searing, spasmodic pain.

But, knowing this is, as was before,

Why let it touch the precious core?

For gifts of feeling are gifts of God, For kindness, health, soft, flowing thrills The thrills that thoughts make ever stronger Till all is glory- the glory of life!

I cast away the burn- I can.

I move elsewhere, to work creatively

For to create a healthy feeling I can make more feel with me, That glory, and that freedom to bring out THE BEST IN MAN! TO PENETRATE! Fill all the being with satisfaction, Flowing through an easier core Of – PRECIOUSNESS – AND KINDNESS.

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