Ten Ways Empatharian is Better than Dance Therapy

1. Empatharian Coaching benefits body, mind, and spirit without needing to enter into psycho-therapeutic methods.
2. Empatharian Coaching is a holistic course of daily processes, that moves you forward towards your goals in a structured way, different from dance therapy which utilizes a hedonistic non-goal oriented process.
3. People who cannot dance can still do Empatharian Coaching. It doesn’t require any movement facility or comfort. Also, though Empatharian can be danced, it can simply be movement meditation, a slow series of structured movements which are designed for meaning, as a language. People in wheelchairs can do it, using upper body movements.
4. Men and Women equally can excel, achieve and finish various levels of work, achieving ranks. Becoming a Coach or Trainer can take as little as 2 ½ years of training total, and doesn’t require other educational pre-requisites. Dance therapists must pursue graduate training in order to become certified dance/movement therapists.
5. Empatharian is not therapy and The coach is not a therapist. It may be easier for people to seek help with Empatharian, if they aren’t needing therapy.
6. Empatharian teaches specific things: non-violent communication and conflict resolution being two.
7. Empatharian also includes art improvisations using paper and crayons, and talking circles, storytelling, and poetry. All the arts, and music are included in the coaching sessions, enriching the participant.
8. Empatharian works helping mental health within a shorter period of time. It is more pro-active in using positive self-talk, affirmation style movement processes, and specific movements that engage smiles, strength, and stretching.
9. Empatharian helps with chronic pain management, so helping specifically physical goals and purposes. People can also do Empatharian for just weight loss for example, but a wholistic energy transformation will also occur in their mental well being anyway.
10. Empatharian is a great tool for literacy and intellectual development, increasing competencies in abstract thinking, discussion, and articulation of ideas. Empatharian uses words as symbols for meaning, and the Empatharian movements as symbols for the words and their meanings.

The American Dance Therapy Association defines Dance Therapy as “the psychotherapeutic use of movement to promote emotional, social, cognitive, and physical integration of the individual, for the purpose of improving health and well-being.” Several studies show its efficacy in treating depression, eating disorders, and helping stress, self-image, and self-acceptance.

Empatharian Coaching is a coaching process whereby the Law of Attraction is enacted with a gestural physical language, generating empathy for self and others, as well as deeper connection to core energies, the earth, and higher wisdom. Studies of similar work with American sign language with music and movement have shown positive results with school children finding better focus and less stress, and the elderly improving their recovery from injury and stroke.

We’ve outlined here some differences between Dance Therapy and Empatharian Coaching, which clarifies why Empatharian is a superior choice for the majority of people. It’s a choice with a future, that’s promising, as well as a present that’s presence and peace. Join us!

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