Tammy’s Dream of Peacebuilding-1974

Defining peacebuilding – Peacebuilding is an activity that aims to resolve injustice in nonviolent ways and to transform the cultural & structural conditions that generate deadly or destructive conflict. -Wikipediag – Peacebuilding is an activity that aims to resolve injustice in nonviolent ways and to transform the cultural & structural conditions that generate deadly or destructive conflict. -Wikipedia

“…This is an age that asks for total involvement. It is not enough to have an LLB, or a J.D., an M.D. (or any medical degrees), an A.I.A., a PhD in any one subject. The new magnitudes for active normal living, for leadership, need understanding of basic humanity, (need empathy). The building of deep inner resources is a facet in life we cannot conveniently set aside.

“Veterans, people, students, are discouraged when they find their education lacking. Their experience to start anew starts with a discouragement in too many lives. To be inhumanly cruel is easily taught today and continually carried out. To survive we must learn to withstand harm in adverse circumstances. Man everywhere can so naturally follow and retreat into repeating harmful history, a savageness, unless we interest and involve him in refining his nature. To unwind and start again is a gargantuan task with self- it takes tremendous doing.

“(Empatharian) has special approaches, method and tools. They have physical joy, spiritual value, and many various disciplines that people need and enjoy.

“Men have to seek something. The human spirit wants to be committed to crete work as a step forward, to progress. We have to get acquainted, while teaching, while working, with what is inside people and what they are, because of theri experiences, not only their intellectual insights and ability. We have to communicate with zeal and real know-how, to even get a “sense” of any achievement.

“You are dependent on your vocabulary, our knowledge of similar terms and labels, then your rendition of yourself, carriage and personality. You only communicate what the other has ears to hear, and that is based on his varied experiences and knowledge, not only his educatin in formal schooling. Even then, how long will that communication remain?

“(Empatharian) work brings to the fore the experiences of what we emphasize, emphatically think and say, and what we wish to preserve in a demonstration, bringing the light of understanding, without a language barrier, while improving knowledge of speaking and writing vocabulary.

“Today to argue is almost impossible with emotional ideas. An ability to reason and see other points of view is much too rare, hardly existent. The (Empatharian) work interacts with all the arts where an idea shows all points of view to demonstrate with a constructed (Empatharian) communication.

“Audience and students can succeed in the non-verbal back and forth conversation, participate and identify themselves with the material. A student can take a few months to accomplish utilitarian Telesymbols. The training gained in working it out, carries discipline and total involvement of the senses and the whole person. My teaching importantly includes artistry when required for demonstration/performance. The participant makes a natural change for betterment, improving in whatever he/she is doing. The aesthetics take a visible improvement.

“We have material for literacy problems, for the handicapped, and those with reading disabilities. For those learning English or any other language. We have material for acting out verse jingles and poetry, making (Empatharian) conclusions to remember. We have a method of immediate teaching of any one language in impossible situations. We have a platform for discussion and clarification of words and values. This is a vast field in itself, and can become the most amazing group work that has ever been seen: 500, 1000, 2000 people doing (Empatharian) together.

“And LET US KNOW THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD; let us be together bringing great souls and minds to the fore, and not limit any of the rest of the people of the world the chance to advance and progress, AND have a great time! A great time!

“I also mean to create a world that needs each other, and better human understanding through our communication, with (Empatharian). Amazing diplomatic relations could take place in our lifetime! There has not been the tool, the machinery, for an acceptable method of communication, for a common education, allowing for the building of friendships and human understanding, games for intercommunication of ideas- with ALL people. We also have a very grand cultural approach, and subject matter intrinsic of an individual or typical of a country and its culture…

“And, let us avoid facades, copies, and duplication of my work. To avoid spoiling communication and meaning, we must take precautions to also avoid any differences in method…

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the responsibility of information, recreation, education today, of the theater, of television, motion pictures and radio, of all the media we are fortunate to have today- is with you.

“Dear friends, the great American strength today that is visible and is true to the rest of the world, is our courage, strength and boldness to make a change. It is our openness, and the will to try something new!

“While taking an initiative to start, let us know that our achievement and individuality lies in showing all aspects of our effort with the Empatharian Movement for Peace at work and play. The dignity, the fun, the beauty, the individuality, the building of people for people, through our initiative, is here to show and install. We create the climate for necessary change and a new era in communication. “

– Tammy Narena, 1974 Proposal for Telesymbols (the precursor to Empatharian), pages 10-12. Copyright 1974 Tamara Ressman.

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