Song/Rap for Humanity, Empathy, and Peace

Fissures in our nation threaten to blow it apart with all the high emotion and scorn that feeds revolution. White nationalist organizations and evangelical ministers are focussed on an agenda that Democrats cannot accept. While “socialism” becomes normal with our response to this coronavirus epidemic, we risk an authoritarian state that no one wants.

Last night I dreamed a song that in my dream, moved hearts and changed minds. I appealed directly to the “Trump-ettes” who are so good at blowing their horns! To deny women the right to abortion and allow men to have guns. Ugh. I understand the addiction to tribal pedagogy, and I hope this epidemic may allow space for Trump-ettes to come back and join the Big Tribe, brothers and sisters! Abortions and guns both kill, and both are used to protect us. Let’s just use both sparingly, and co-exist? Here’s the song, recreated this morning- Perhaps it’ll start a conversation, back and forth?:

Trump-ette . Blow your horn? Find new targets for scorn? Democrats resist your porn?

Abortions and guns both murder and kill And protect us from far worse still. So why not agree to respect human beings Let stay a country proud and free

Trump-ette blow your horn- Find new targets for scorn Democrats- resist your porn!

You say you’re pro-life but want to murder my wife How sorry your daughters will be- Your grandsons will know Your scorn for their own Loves and lives heart-sown

So Trump-ette blow your horn Find new targets for scorn Democrats can be reborn-

Together we strive To fulfill generous lives To make peace with our needs and wants Jobs aren’t us Though they’re a plus Homeless folks don’t deserve taunts

Trump-ette blow your horn Find new targets for scorn Democrats Love babies born!

That big corporation threatens our nation Stealing your taxes for naught.

We cannot abide Their propaganda tide Making us slaves to what’s bought!

Trumpette blow your horn! Find new targets for scorn Democrats Do not abide

Together we’re better equipped for this weather Change corporate boards To disallow hoards. Public companies 51% us Would change their minus into a plus!

Trump-ette blow your horn Find new targets for scorn, Democrats- Join our team!

Mostly we want A world for our haunt -That’s great and not mean. Together we’re strong To fight and right this great wrong: Corporate dividends must feed our young Not coffers of gamblers In stock markets Manipulated and conned

Trump-ette blow your horn! Find true target for scorn. Democrats-Get off the pot!

Together we’re better to kill off this money robot! The algorithm of corporate profits Makes short term the goal, And murder no sin. People do matter and this has to change – To avoid a long term most grim.

Trump-ette blow your horn, Your true target of scorn- Not Democrats equally bought

A new law is needed. People must be heeded. Corporations are public trusts. Together we strike, Not to buy corporate hype, To make life respected we fight!

Gambling is illegal in many a state, Lives matter more, Than the corporate whore. Stock markets must close, And clean their nose. Addiction to blood Is wrong. Let’s be strong!

Trump-ette blow your horn- Love powers your scorn- Democrats: join our plea!

Corporations must pay and support as they say: Public trust demands A new day!

Trump-ette blow your horn, With Democrats scorn The viper that’s stolen our young!

Corporations need souls:

51% holds

To keep them honest and clean

Dividends go not to stockholders no

To fund schools, universities

Happiness quotients as big as clean oceans

Will fill our nation with true elation!

Trump-ette blow your horn -Democrats join Pro-Humanity now!

We know that we can, we want this life fan- Pro-Humanity now! Don’t let those jerks push you to cow down, Enough is enough: no destroying the earth. For the sake of your robots stealing our future, our young!

Trump-ette blow your horn- Your tune must storm The citadels held by the rich. Democrats voices Chime in as high hoists, Lift us over the walls of fear.

A new day will dawn without all that greed, Pro-Humanity will succeed! God has ordained us- Holders of public trust! Together our dialogue continues forever -we must!

Our children deserve a world – Bold, new, not sold Aligned with our highest ideals:

Kindness, caring,

no slight of hand dealing,

fairness and tolerance,


Trump-ette blow your horn- Democrats help storm ; Renew our culture and vows! Corporate greed is the enemy we need to vanquish by winning hearts.

Play golf all you want, you can’t win when your taunt Falls on deaf ears filled with new inspiration:

We are here now, Pro-Humanity’s vow- To restore the nation!

Restore the nation

Restore Humanity rules!

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