Self-Massage for Our Times, and All Times

In these days of Coronavirus Quarantines, we are cut off from our community of touch.  Touching and massage are now something we do for ourselves.  From the ancient Chinese disciplines of Chi Gong, accupressure, and tapping, there is a way to give ourselves self-massage, to reach all our pressure points, to stimulate the skin, muscles, and the organs, just by gentle firm tapping on the body.

Kidney Energizing

Let’s start with feet akimbo, swinging the arms, freely, from side to side, allowing the body to twist and the arms to continue swinging to our back side, and now swinging  a bit higher to give a gentle firm tapping to the kidneys, stimulating our “gate of life” organs, as we swing from side to side, tapping the kidneys, one at a time.  This side and that side.  We are taking the Empatharian position for kindness and extending it to ourselves, this way and that, opening our kidneys, shaking loose blockages, gently opening the Doors of life.  

Shoulder, Arms and Hands Self-Massage

Now, starting with our right hand to our left shoulder, the hand open and with some weight and strength, slap gently down the outside of the arm, gently slapping awake the left hand, then turning over the hand, slapping gently on the hand, the inner arm and up to the shoulders, slapping the shoulders, loosening the shoulders,  Now switch hands and with your left hand slap gently down the right arm to the elbow, the wrists, the hands, turning over the hand, and slapping up the arm again. And then one more time shoulders, tibia, elbow, wrist, each spot along the way loosening and releasing any held in energies and toxins, allowing  ourselves to be lightly pummelled into energy flowing freely through our right arm.  Now do the left arm again, and continue with the right hand, and do the whole exercise three times more…  notice how you hugged yourself as you changed hands to the other side.  Yes you hugged you! 

Legs, Stomach, Midriff, Breast, Metabolism

Today’s movement practice will begin with self-massage of the legs and hips, softly slapping with the right hand on the right hip, left hand on left hip, slap on the outside of the leg, down to the feet, across the toes, and then slapping the instep and up on the inside of the leg, up the pubic bone, over the stomach and up to the chest, across the breasts to the side under the armpit, and then down the sides of the hips, sides of the legs etc.  down and then up again – lets do this 4 times, to awaken our body, awaken our legs, and muscles, awaken our feet and our toes, our instep,  legs, stomach, our midriff, our breasts, and over and down.  Doing this self-massage will increase our metabolism, help us to DIGEST, and help us to assimilate and move with the energy of our souls, and our soles.  

Hip, Spine, Knees, Ankles

Hip swings: To lubricate your hip socket and keep the spine, knees and legs supple as well, standing with feet hip width apart, move your hips so that you’re doing a figure 8, 10 times in one direction, 10 times in the other direction. This is rightly an exercise, and you’re using your movement to massage the hip joints. Do it nice and slowly, like a proper massage.


Neck Stretches.  Many of us experience shoulder tension and neck pain, especially if you’ve experienced whiplash in a car accident.  If so, this exercise done moderately, can help.  

Neck pushing in the 6 directions, just to the point of feeling it, then a bit farther, holding to the count of 10.  Make sure your neck is in alignment with the shoulder, and spine straight.  This is good arm exercise too, as you’re pushing pretty hard!

EFT Tapping

Emotional Freedom Tapping is stress relief tapping on pressure points on the face and hands, that will almost magically release emotional stress, sometimes traumatic stress responses and emotional upsets. You gently use the pads of your fingers to tap under the eye, at the temple, on the forehead.

Headache Remedy

Releasing headaches: On the fleshy part at the base of your thumb, use your opposing thumb to feel and press into your hand, feeling for the spot where its pretty excruciatingly painful. Hold the spot down hard, until you feel the pulse through your thumb. Now, do it the other way round, to the other hand.

Hopefully, you’ve been able to follow along with my words, but of course it would be easier if you watched a video and followed along.   Empatharian Movement for Peace posts videos on its You-Tube Channel and perhaps you will see these titles there soon.

Currently we have several videos with the Empatharian Peace Movement Meditation, which is a spiritual practice as well as stimulating and healing the whole body on a cellular level, from the neurological to the core energies, clearing our resistances, and building whole body/mind fitness and flexibility.  That is another kind of Self-Massage technique, which has many benefits.


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