SEEKING With Eyes Open, Looking At All The Possibilities


The gloriously warm weather that’s blessed us the last few days left last night when it rained. Clouds and cool all day gave me a rest from watering, so I made soup. Lentil Soup with Thai Red Curry Paste, Vegetables, and minced dried tomatoes- mmm delicious!

I was seeking a warmth that only soup can bring. Hm. What else brings that warmth? Hot baths with aromatic herbs, cups of fresh brewed herb tea, Hot sauce on homemade tortilla chips, a run with the dog, climbing a hill, or staircases in a pinch! When we are seeking we are looking at all the possibilities for fulfilling our need or desire. Another great way to warm up is doing the Empath Stretch, and the “Seeking” movement:

With hand over eyebrows, we scan the horizon, twisting our torso or whole body from one side to the other side, horizontally. Then switching hands we scan the other direction. The unused arm straightens behind us, following with the body as it twists.

Warm up with “Seeking”, moving the body from side to side, like the “dab” dance, using foot movements side to side as well, and instead of hiding your head, lift it and look with the help of a hand helping turn your head and body to see as far an arc as you can.

Today I was seeking something temporarily soothing, a warmth, a nutrition, a flush of health. In this time of quarantine, it’s important to take care of our physical needs, as well as our emotional and spiritual needs. Our intellectual needs, our creative needs, and our social needs. We seek caring for ourselves and our loved ones, in creative ways, socially distanced, but socially connecting via internet, phone, video streaming.

I would really like to do more than just Facebook or Instagram to connect with my friends, more than the occassional emails and phone calls. I’d like to do a Social video-teleconference with all the people I could be training to do the Empath Stretch. I’d like to do a group meditation/movement prayer daily doing the Empath Stretch, which I quoted at the top of this blog.

I am SEEKING more participants, collaborators, teachers, trainers, to be involved in this project. That would be a long term warmth, a stone soup we could all make, adding our own bits to the Pot, this pot that is the Empatharian project, on planet Earth. I hope you will join me. Tomorrow I write another blog, three more and we finish the words/positions/movements of the Empath Stretch, and I will need to start doing mini-sessions as a free 10 minute webinar online.

Of course, I am seeking studio quality recording, lighting, and costuming, but we shall see what home provides, because that’s where I need to be to be safe these days. And you?

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