Proposal for Empatharian Movement for Peace, 1966 by T. Narena

“… mankind by means of its elaborate system of symbolic transference can achieve miracles of sensitiveness to a distant environment, and to a problematic future.”- Alfred North Whitehead, Symbolism, University of Virginia 1927. The (Empatharian Movement for Peace) can answer by logic application to the problem- that the addicted, the crime-ridden human, can have a new chance and change to a different human being. And to quote Mr. Whitehead again, in his last paragraph: “It is the first step in sociological wisdom, to recognize that the major advances in civilization are processes which all but wreck the societies in which they occur. Like unto an arrow in the hand of a child. The art of the free society consists first in the maintenance of the symbolic code, and secondly in fearlessness of revision, to secure that the code serves those purposes which satisfy an enlightened reason. Those societies which cannot combine reverence to their symbols with freedom of revision, must ultimately decay either from anarchy or from the slow atrophy of a life stifled by useless shadows.”

Charles Morris, University of Chicago, wrote his great study in a a book called “Sign Language and Behavior”… He admits certain deficiencies but does show that signs may be studied behaviorally, and the approach of signs for linguistics, esthetics, logic, psychopathology, education, and philosophy, as well as for the general field of the human disciplines, and for the unification of science as a whole. He ends his preface by predicting: “The building of a comprehensive and fruitful science of signs will continue to be the task of many investigators, working in many fields, for many generations..

I’m here before you with humility, but with a certainty of conviction. I have done just that. I want to ensure that we must bend our efforts to agreement on the positions I have created, these 105 symbols of approximately 500 meanings, and it shouldn’t take long. I am ready to do more visual demonstrations to excite you, and to train teachers for the (various spheres of application). Let them apply it, arrange their subject matter, that is all I can hope for, with all my heart. And let us watch what transpires.

Archimedes said, “Give me a place to stand on and I can move the earth.” Let me say “Please give me a place to move on, and I can move the people.

– quoted from “In Argument for the Telesymbol” by Tammy Narena 1966, pages 11-12. of 12. Written to be delivered orally in 1966.

In 1989, Tammy wrote: ...”What I am talking about necessitates that I find people of a leadership caliber that are essential to the strength and well-being of the nation, the heartbeat of the nation, to provide

* administration systems for multiple locations and licensing

* concentrations of this same physical work, helping in a new way: Mental health, cultural health, physical health, and all age levels, from school age to senior citizens.

In 2020 here we are with schools no longer being able to afford the all important art, music, physical education and health classes, which are more important to the well being and ability to learn, than almost anything, except the empathetic character of the teachers themselves. Can a fully deployed Empatharian program, train classroom teachers to integrate all these things into their normal teaching of English, Literature, Math, and Science?

In 2020 here we are with adults and the elderly: many lonely, unproductive, without paid employment, and yet talented and heartful. Can we utilize this human power to power our civilization forward to its next step?

In 2020 here we are with leadership lacking heart or logic to do the right thing for our society’s survival. Can we harness the resources of billionaires to fund an infrastructure and teacher training and support/supervision provision? Can they see that their true happiness and true wealth can only be realized when walls are no longer needed, when people are fairly empowered and have resources to attain and progress themselves and their families.

Peace is not a state to be achieved , as much as a state of mind to be continuously maintained in the moment, with heartful, empathetic decisions. We can set in motion some amazing things, around the globe, and in our own country, with just a bit of technical support!

Performances! Competitions! Art, music, dance, breakout groups. Talking circles, Walking circles, Moving circles. A delight to the eye, and FUN. Games, international and regional. A 40 person Empatharian Academy to maintain and revise as needed the integrity of the language, evolving over time.

We must now create Empatharian, as Tammy is not here to teach us any more. She has empowered us as her emissary to the future, to establish Empatharian Movement for Peace.

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