Prayer in movement- 1971 Tammy Teaching A Special Ed Class

“The teacher … confided that it was very difficult to teach this class of 11 (Special Education Junior High) boys. It took 3 teachers to supervise as the boys were brutal to each other, wrestling one another on the floor and screaming foul language. She told me to ignore these happenings.

“One of the boys, who was most stressful and out-of-control was to be sent to a mental home in a few days. His mother, who the teacher spoke to every day, could no longer cope with her son.

“The teacher told me that if I lasted 15 minutes with the boys, it would be as much as anyone of the teachers could ever do. Somehow none of the preparatory warnings frightened me.

“I arrived at the school and was taken to the classroom. The teacher came to the door to greet me and immediately the boys started screaming abuses so loudly that the teacher could not be heard. When we entered the room, she reminded them that they had promised to give me a few minutes. The bedlam was such that she shook her head hopelessly.

“In this deafening noise, I said something (I cannot remember what) and there was complete silence. Each boy was given a sheet of paper to write on knowing that some of them had never written complete sentences.

“Each boy I held with steadfast control as I started to teach certain words in (Empatharian), the movement using their bodies, writing on the paper and the chalkboard, all emphasized the importance and the feeling of the words.

“I arranged a game to be played with each other, which they loved. Their minds began to come alive. The spirit of each boy, whatever his previous ability or condition, became an inspiration to the teachers watching. The time just flew. The 15 minutes became 1 ½ hours of concentrated work. My feelings were exhilarated, as the boy who was going to the mental hospital, proved to be the best.

“I gathered their papers while the boys said I had to come back. One Chinese boy asked me if this could be done by all countries and all languages, for instance, could China also do it? I remarked, ‘Of course, that would be very good!’ I cannot forget the look on the faces of those boys as I was leaving. As I write this, I am crying!

“On the phone later, the teacher gave me her remarks on each boy’s amazing improvement. We both felt that the whole experience was a miraculous success.”

-unpublished anecdote by Tammy Narena, creator of Telesymbols, the precursor to Empatharian, approximately 1971.

The prayer: Everyone, everywhere, wins making a stand for peace-building >

The rest of it, for a second lesson: Inspiring, Respectful Energy seeking heart connectio>n

inner joy, and wisdom. Peace-building.>

As you do this prayer in movement, moving each word or piece of meaning, your body feels the words, feels the unifying energy and the aspiration. It starts slowly, but even just repeating the phrase 4 times, you are energized, inspired, unified, and at peace.

It’s just the beginning of the lesson, just the beginning of an opening, and yet this prayer moves us, inspires, generates energy, clears cobwebs, helps us to grow and be open to the wonder of life, of being human, of being part of something bigger than just ourselves.

Tammy did not call what she did “a prayer”. Calling it a prayer that is non-denominational, non-religious, spiritual- might be considered controversial, so let’s just call it Empatharian Movement for Peace! But know that for ourselves it has the power of prayer, and more.

Where will the next 2020 pilot projects be? How will we include the miracle of internet online communications? How will the games proceed? Are we too late, or just in time?

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