Physical Benefits of Empatharian Movement Meditation

My previous blogs have mentioned 5 major mental benefits of Empatharian Movement Meditation Practice: 1. Clarity of thinking 2. Stress reducing, relaxing 3. Expressive of emotions, to prevent overload and burnout. 4. Purpose aligning, giving spiritual energy and 5. Generating Luminescence and love energy, for projecting into every thing you do.

Now, let’s just talk about the Physical Benefits.

Stretching Your Muscles

When you stretch your muscles, gently and slowly stretching to the end of your tether, holding for a moment, and then relaxing back: you are releasing lactic acid trapped in your muscles and eliminating aches and pains, bringing more flexibility to the area where you’re stretching.

When we do Empatharian Movement for Peace, we slowly move into the 12 positions, holding each one with a breath in and a breath out, and sometimes more. The 12 positions bring 12 different effects into your body, positions for healing and stimulating particular organs, each different.

1. Making A Stand

This position has you moving from a curled at the heart state, uncurling slowly with soft fists, which we then fling open, allowing the energy to radiate to the universe. One foot is forward, and the weight shifts to the back leg. Okay, this is really good for us: strengthening our uplifted arm and stretching the fingers and the hands. The front fist opens as the raised fist opens, aligning shoulders, and arms, opening the chest. We breathe in to the throat and belly, activating our heart and lungs.

2. For Peace-Building

Leaning forward into Harmony/Peace, with arms parallel, going diagonally we push the air with our hands, twice. This activates the wrists as we raise and lower the hands, keeping the arms placed parallel. The whole hand strengthens in the pushing against imaginary heavy air. Activating the hands and the muscles in the wrist protects us from work related injuries, and builds hand-eye coordination.

3. Everyone

Stepping to the side, the feet land shoulder width apart, arms and hands stretch out straight to either side, and shoulders drop, head leans back stretching the skin of the neck, preventing neck wrinkles, keeping the neck and shoulders supple and strong. With the arms stretching out and lifted, your pouchy hanging under the arm muscles tighten and become firm. The arms increase circulation, bringing healthy circulation to elbows and knuckles, helping bathe away arthritis pains with an oxygen bath.

4. Wins

Feet come together and elbows bend upwards, with a soft fist as if holding a baby bird that you are protecting from harm, arms pull back on the shoulders, head and neck straighten. You are stretching and opening the chest, massaging the back muscles, the spine between the shoulder blades, and stimulating the back section of your lungs with a compression. Your biceps hold your arms up, becoming firm, your belly tightens with the out-breath, expands with the In-breath, continuing the expanded breathing that we have practiced with each position. But in this position the top of the head rises to the sky, chin very slightly tucked, spine stretches up, and the rib cage is massaged with the breath and the muscles becoming firm on the out-breath. This position especially prevents lung stagnation, pushing out the stagnant air from the corners of the lungs, promoting healthier lung tissue.

5. Inspired

Arms come straight forward together at heart level, and then up and around, palms facing out, painting a rainbow from the middle to the each side with each arm simultaneously. Massaging the lungs as the arms move, and the wrists as the bend at the wrist makes the full circle out to the sides. This position helps the hands and fingers, sending nerve stimulation and activation through the arms to the tips of the fingers. The nerves strengthen and make for steady hands doing fine work, and precision when throwing a ball or tapping a keyboard.

Tomorrow’s post will do positions 6 to 12, with their special benefits for the physical body, the immune system, the organs, and the nerves. The first 5 positions have worked to energize the lungs, arms and circulatory system, with multiple benefits for the whole body. The second 7 positions expand all those benefits, in additon to the specific benefits for particular organs and balance, which is key to long life and vibrancy.

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