Peace Boom Will Transform US

Low Impact Exercise for Peace – 1 hour training.

..I’m still feeling the energies … an hour later… all my arthritis pain is gone! Amazing!” – J. Madu, Dallas, Texas

“I just did the movement meditation and it’s lovely. I love it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ” – I. Connor, Brick, New Jersey.

“The movements are comforting for my back pain, and it’s better I exercise. We love these moves!” -T.Nokwe, Johannesburg, South Africa.

PEACE Boom, Join us to amplify your authentic luminosity and presence with a simple, easy, zoom-friendly movement practice to transform Us, the community, and the planet.

With the Peace Boom, you physically make a stand for peace-building, personally, spiritually, for yourself and others. You gently move beyond pain, stiffness, and self-consciousness, to greater luminosity, clarity, and creativity, while helping to focus your energy, generate energy, and calm fear and anxiety.

You won’t need to kneel or overly stretch, it’s as easy as Tai Chi, but is also a meaningful sentence and a deep communication to the body.

Lack of empathy can be a defense from overwhelming grief and loss. A cut off that will have physical ramifications in the body, which always, in its wisdom, drives us to seek healing. You can potentially heal these blocked neurological pathways, gently without needing to re-experience the trauma, though emotional release will be a natural consequence, and a path of the body healing.

The practice I teach creates a model of empathy, which at first is self nurturing, and just “making the motions” of empathy to others. As you repeat making the motions, the neurological pathways of empathy for others, get formed and reinforced, and including connection to nature, oxygen, trees, and the earth.

Then softly, unobtrusively, that empathy for others becomes a natural relaxation response. Mentally, in Empatharian Circles, we teach a communication, which starts with empathy for self, then uses empathy for others to solve conflicts and problems with others… that too is unnatural at first, but as it transforms all your relationships, it becomes reinforced as a successful strategy in the nervous system.

Pausing and noticing this journey for each person individually, is what we do in Empatharian Circles. While verbal sharing is optional, emotional expression in improvisational art and movement is structured for safe participation and feedback in pairs. It’s a world community based on commitment and caring, and all are welcome.

In our current paradigm of living, there’s way too much hate for comfort. Hate is an addictive tribal ritual that comes into being because the tribe is weak, sad, and in mourning. Without the hatred, all that pain would be exposed and Ouch! We do not want to feel pain. But hate cannot survive without the fear, and the fear cannot survive without alienation. So, Empatharian Movement for Peace works at the grassroots, using skills of empathy and peace-building to combat alienation.

Where there are human beings, there may always be conflict- conflict is a natural result of community, and can be necessary for growth and transformation. Through conflict resolution, non-violent communication, and models of indiginous ceremonial change processes, we build a peace which is alive and growing.

“When you carry around extra pounds, you can have trouble staying active, low energy, and difficulty sleeping,” says Dr. Walter Willett, professor of epidemiology and nutrition at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

“(Empatharian is) a language that allows for individual expression within a broader narrative … with a component of rhythm and ritual to affirm us…to feel comfort in, (while you) bring your own voice, and I don’t mean spoken voice: I mean the voice of your being.

“Somatic and kinesthetic learning is very important. Empatharian can be a breakthrough to go beyond competition, to a new world learning community. It has this possibility of a combination Hogwarts Academy-Jedi Training-Castalia and Ashram – all in one!” -Alexander Lazlo, educator, futurist and author.

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