Moving Through and Processing Trauma and Pain, using Empatharian

While it is primarily an energy and vitality enhancing program, promoting the body’s own self-healing mechanisms, Empatharian Circles allow for the human support and listening which acts as an escape valve for the soul.   Soul crushing events can be handled better when one is not isolated and alone.  Having a support system of compassionate friends is good, but the Empatharian Circle aims to go further in being a non-judgmental place for sharing difficult things, if need be.

Modern society has forced many people to repress their emotions in order to conform and subsist in the corporate world.  While we consign professionals to deal with people’s overwhelming emotions, we have taken away the rituals and habits of effusive grief that prior cultures used.  Our parenting techniques for centuries have included punishment and coercion, manipulation and shame, and trans-generational abuse, sexual and otherwise, is pretty rampant.

In efforts to erase this legacy of negativity, new generations have focused on indiscriminate praise and unconditional love, which has resulted instead in a generation of entitled mediocrity, unable to tolerate delayed gratification or to persevere when things are difficult.  Our humanity has suffered perhaps irrepairably by the propaganda of the marketing machines, telling us that “truthfully” we need so much more in order to be Okay.

Empatharian Circles are talking circles of 4-10 people with a trained facilitator, meeting currently on Zoom, or other tele-conferencing platform.  There are youth circles, women’s circles, men’s circles, and elder circles that function in many other organization structures, for the purpose of human growth and potential, sharing, support and storytelling.

Empatharian Circles do Empatharian Movement together, and have specific ground-rules and intentions in the talking work.  Non-judgmental-ism, tolerance, empathy, one person speaking at a time, and everyone offered time to share, but not required to share.  We use first names, and agree to confidentiality within our circle.  Coming to meetings weekly and on time, is requested.

We use a manual with processes offered to help explore different topics, including ancestors, personal history, and family history, but these processes are generally explored individually, not in the group.  People can join the group at any time, and move on when they feel complete.

The intention and purpose of Empatharian Circles is primarily to help process and discuss burnout, relationships that might overwhelm or drain us, and to promote healthy boundaries, abundance, and vitality.  In addition, Empatharian Circles mission is:

1. To promote empathy, empathic resonance, and understanding between cultures and all peoples.

2. To provide and promote individual creative expression in a non-judgmental atmosphere, which the circle provides.

3. To teach non-violent communication, conflict resolution skills, and be a laboratory for training.

4. To create community, in small groups around the world, and in so doing, create a World Community.

5. To teach assertive action and words, the embodiment of peace-building, where all parties are winners.

6. To train participants in creating consensus, and having a process for debating that allows everyone’s voice to be heard

7. To explore discomfort, in a brave but safe method of leaning into the pain, describing it, and being heard, seen, and understood, for the purpose of moving through and processing psychological trauma and pain.

Psychological trauma is damage to a person’s mind as a result of one or more distressing events causing overwhelming amounts of stress that exceed the person’s ability to cope or integrate the emotions involved, eventually leading to serious, long-term negative consequences. Wikipedia

Empatharian aims in the long-term to provide enhanced abilities to cope and integrate emotions, to manage and deal with stress in positive and productive ways, and to process and heal damage from psychological trauma that has occurred in the past.



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