Monday: Shared Victory is Better than Lone Victory

Today I had a Zoom meeting with colleagues, and it was so much fun! I’ve been missing people so much. Facebook is great, but in some ways it makes me lonelier! I love to keep touch with what my friends all over the globe are doing, but I miss them so much. I am really feeling lonely here. And there’s so much to get distracted with, the day is gone almost before it’s begun. I feel like my distractions are important stuff, but it remains that it’s now 10:30 and I’ve not written a blog post! My Zoom meeting took up just an hour, and yet I’m exhausted with all the follow ups I needed to do!

Darby and I still did our evening walk, and I got to do some Empath Stretches on the way. My neck was really feeling stiff so I did some neck stretches first. That helped some. But then I did an Empath Stretch, and my body started to Zoom. I did it 3 more times and my neck and back were totally limbered up, pain gone. By the time I’d finished I was energized and refreshed, rosy cheeked and inspired.

Today I also got a photo of a little boy signaling “Victory” with his arms wide and bent at the elbows, like a strong-man with fists curled in. I am changing the Empatharian “Victory” to his, just because it is more intuitive, more clear. When we watch team sports and our team wins, it’s better than anything sharing that win with people around you. I did the movements with this change and I liked it. It felt right.

Also the position for Enthused changed slightly, to have more energy, bursting openness. It felt so good to move my body forward, starting with my head down, and raising it up as it finished the motion with hands facing out and to the sides.

As the weather gets steadily warmer, I am switching my practice to outdoors. And I will start doing Zoom sessions, or at least videos soon- as soon as I can figure out the logistics.

I also saw the value of having an agenda for Zoom meetings. I’m feeling pretty clear that we need to start with a check in. It’s just so good to share how my day’s been going! My week! And I can touch in to other people’s experience when they share their day/week. It helps me get present so that I can do the rest of the meeting. And then, it’s important to have a summation at the end, just to keep track of what each of us needs to do!

One thing this pandemic has really brought home is how much a little human interaction can really help. When I care about others, and care about what happens to them, it makes my heart bigger and healthier. When they also care back about me, and express it, it makes a difference in my life everyday. I may not see them, but I feel part of a whole, and that feels good: When I becomes We, Illness becomes Wellness, and we all feel better! Dogs run in packs and humans run in tribes.

When the tribe wins, we all win. Of course then there’s the other team/tribe- the losers. Centuries of “losers” use alcohol and drugs, cruelty and neglect, for numbing that pain of losing. Of course, it doesn’t work to numb the pain, it just prolongs the suffering. The only way to get through it, is to go through it, feel the pain, share it, keep working.

But does there always need to be a loser when we win? No, there doesn’t. We can all win when communicating back and forth. We can all win when we’re peace-building. When peace-building is energy seeking openly and respectfully, respectful to all, listening to all. When we connect to our innate joy and our wisdom, all are served, all are victorious. There are NO losers in this process, or we just keep working at it until we all experience triumph. That may take a while, I don’t know.

How long!? I am clear on one thing: as long as one human is disrespected, even one human suffers from lack, the win is not complete. But we can win in the process… the process is healing.

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