Mayday Mayday Mayday Peace!

Tammy was prolific in creating artworks, painting, leather flowers, designing furniture, composing music, writing prose and poetry, and of course dance choreography. She was a talented singer, with a beautiful voice, like her mother and brother. She played the piano beautifully, having taken lessons from an early age. Her dancing was graceful perfection, fueled by her hours of practice, several excellent teachers, and ignoring the pain of bloody toes and aching muscles.

Tammy’s father died when she was fifteen, conveying his dying wishes only to her, to continue his work for world peace. That legacy handed on became her whole life’s passion and purpose, keeping her father alive in all she did.

With Tammy’s movement innovation, Telesymbols, we are back at the origins of tribal dance- to express and serve our tribe, have fun, keep all ages involved together, and find performance that touches us at the heart. Beyond folk dancing, this is folks dancing- a gestural communication and expression of our joy to be alive and to create the world of our ideals.

We all are dancers inside, we all need to dance, and we all CAN, beyond ballet, folk, or “Modern” dance. Empatharian Movement for Peace, today, offers us all an opportunity at the utopian dream of universal communication.

Tammy saw that we needed a dance form that is pluralistic, inter-active, and expressive of our deepest yearnings and highest aspirations. True self-expression and true world peace are both based on an ongoing dialogue: seeking life with kindness, communication, and wisdom.

Empatharian Movement for Peace is a game-changing innovation: to transform entertainment from watching to doing; to transform education from absorbing information to creating movement; to transform materialism to spirituality; to transform unconscious consumerism to mindful empathic listening and communication.

And in the poorest countries of the world as well as the rich, to quote Gordon Brown, former Prime Minister of Britain, “We are missing out on opportunities to deliver a breakthrough in education – a breakthrough that would bring hope to the lives of millions of children, provide a powerful impetus towards the wider (world goals)… and transform the growth prospects of the world’s poorest countries. Bluntly stated, we cannot afford more of the same…”

There is an urgency to our time, and a call to action by many. Bold action is required, and great fun! If Telesymbols are a piece of the puzzle for a happier world, Tammy would, with a big smile, say “I told you so!” Let us be the catalyst to that action that can and will- Elate all the people!


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