Making Your Voice Heard: Be Seen and Understood

For truth is truth in different ways. A question that be softly told.” -Affirmation for SEEKING, Tammy Narena, c. 1978

8. Seeking

One hand at a time rises to the eyebrow, shading our eyes to see, as the eyes scan the horizon, as we turn at the hips and waist to see around the back, twisting as far as we can comfortably, and then holding it, to see the full 360 degrees, then turning to go the other way. Feet are hip width apart, and one hand touches the hip, to help us twist away from it.

This spinal twist is excellent for straightening the spine and preventing a humpback from developing as we age, as well as stimulating kidneys and adrenals at the same time.

The kidneys are the root of life in many traditional healing philosophies, and we honor our kidneys as we Seek. The adrenal function is key to stress resiliency, and reviving the adrenals is necessary when we are stressed.

An alternative movement (more dancing, great for kids!) is just walking the seeking with your feet stepping in a circle, clockwise, until you arrive at the beginning of the circle.

A very important part of this exercise is the eyes: keep your eyes on the horizon as you do the twisting or turning, around 360 degrees, either way, or both ways. This is an eye exercise, you guessed it. Done daily you will improve your vision, not just stop it from macularly degenerating more! Of course, we may wear glasses for reading, right!


Seeing and Being Seen

As elders it’s not unusual to feel like you are disappeared from the vision of those out in the world. At the grocery store, the clerk overlooks you completely in paying attention to the young man in line behind you. As you walk in the street, it feels like no one even sees you there walking; it’s not even purposely ignoring, it’s just a kind of blindness to old age, and a lack of desire to engage with us.

Well, they snooze, they lose! We are important and valuable components of the world, and our presence is what anchors the ability to see for everyone. The future is bleak without our vision to help see the many truths in the world. Our vision to understand that there are different ways of looking at the same thing.

That gift of wisdom is certainly not our private domain; young people today come into the world sometimes with the most beautiful clear wisdom! But it gets forgotten quite often in the rush of the world, and the clamor of media: You are not enough”.

The ads tell us over and over again that we need this and we need that to be cool, happy, or gorgeous. It’s a “seeking” culture – seeking for the panacea to our troubles, seeking for the magic bullet of our dreams… And we know the truth: the treasure lies within. Within ourselves is the power and the kingdom,

As we are staying open, looking, seeking, we still know ourselves to be fine, good enough, and intrinsicly worthy of respect, kindness and love. We keep our centered energy, and magnetize others towards us.

Being Heard

Sometimes the best way to be heard is to whisper. And sometimes you need to speak up. No, the world is not okay the way it is. No, we will not tolerate being treated unfairly, or seeing others treated unfairly. But how can our voices best be heard?

Listening to others is part of this Koan of “seeking”. Listening and seeing their points of view, their feelings and emotions. We empathize with those feelings. And we understand how those feelings are often based on faulty out there assumptions.

The good news is: people love to be seen, and when they feel seen, suddenly they see you, they hear you and your voice. Raising your voice will scare them, and they shut you out, but that kind whisper: “I see you!” – that is an open door. An open door to be heard, seen, and understood yourself.

Seeing Beyond Appearances

The younger generation is sometimes pretty afraid of others, and oh, they can really dress to scare others away, to keep a safe distance. The worse the nose rings and black mascara and filthy looking hair, sometimes the softest and sweetest the hidden heart underneath. It takes a skilled eye to see beyond appearances.

So many people are hurt and traumatized these days, children not cared for, and youth abandoned by everyone. Even their actions will reveal the survival tactics they’ve had to learn to survive: stay away from me, their appearance says, but underneath they need so much.

Those kids are not easy to love, that’s for sure, and they have that story about themselves, often too: I am unlovable. Of course we know that is not true: every human deserves to be loved, no matter what they say or do to try to prove their parents or some perpetrator right. Their parents were victims too. Too many families just perpetuate a cycle of violence without knowing how to break the cycle.

Seeking is Being Open

Doing the “Seeking” movements help our bodies learn to see all angles, to stretch ourselves around and see the beautiful detail in the horizon that we might have missed before. Allowing our eyes to focus far away, to see farther than we may normally.

When you’re older you’re often far-sighted. I always think that’s a good metaphor for being an elder: we see farther, we see what’s coming, our attention is focussed more on the future than on the present or the past. Of course, there’s a balance that we need, or we trip over the steps in front of us! But sometimes that vision is worth the small details being fuzzy!

I love to read, so my glasses are invaluable, and I make special allowances to get lenses that graduate, so I’m good with near and far.

In our lives, it takes graduated ears as well sometimes to hear the truth beyond the words, the yearning beyond the denial. As you expand that sense, you become truly empathic and empathetiic, sensing and knowing beyond your own physical limitations as well.


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