Make a Stand for Justice- many ways!

When the arrows are flying and police are assaulting, when you don’t feel brave or strong, when it could be dangerous to your own peace of mind to participate in chaos, if not dangerous to your body, do you do it anyway? I guess it all depends.

When you look back on these days and see what kept you home and safe, will you be grateful, or ashamed?

Do you sit praying and sending energy to the forefront? Do you keep them in mind every minute of every day?

To me, the biggest danger is that our country will be pulled into a civil war that’s not even of our making. I feel that powers outside our country are manipulating and paying off people to encourage violence, to encourage fear, and to begin the overthrow of our system of government. We have elections looming in November which could bring peace and reconciliation to the disparate parties getting short shrift with the current administration, and all the party politics before. How can we keep level heads now so that we can weather this strife, create a public manifesto for justice, and get elected officials to follow through on this necessary manifesto?

We have Joe Biden, and all four of our living past presidents: Obama, Clinton, Bush, and Carter, making similar messages of unity and purpose for the American people, condemning the threats of “dominating” protesters with military forces in our home towns. Helping us awknowledge our systemic racism, and pledging justice to follow through on faithful words.

For myself, I sit here frustrated and alone, with my sweet dog next to me, we sit. I know I have only to drive in to town to join a protest, but I don’t know why I’m not on any lists to do be notified. I guess I’m new in town, going to a church isn’t enough. Going to youth climate change meetings isn’t enough. I went to a racial differences workshop, but somehow didn’t get hooked in to the politics that I align with. I keep getting asked for money and signatures online, but the place to make an appearance, I don’t know.

And then there’s my own videos to do, and my blog to do. And my garden is springing lots of work on me. I’m to do a blog a day, but yesterdays blog was three in one, and no one seems to have read it at all. Not even my one faithful reader. Conversely, my Facebook posts are responded to, and I have a couple of truckloads of friend requests, most of which I think might be trolls, so I weed through it occassionally. What if they’re not ? It’s okay, they will contact me, no?

So, here we are, another day, another blog, stuck in the bog of fog today.

I did write a really good piece of advice to a woman who complained she felt like she was in jail: “Get outside, find your neighborhood nature spots, sit in the sunshine somewhere, make a window garden if you have no garden. Grow sprouts of some kind, any kind. Eat them! Call your friends on the phone and do video chats with family, if you have any. Find your inner muse and follow it: create something written, artistic, crafty, musical. Dance! Exercise- do self-massage (Chi-gong is good), stretching, weight lifting with bottles of water or a stretchy band. Do Empatharian…” (oh, I didn’t say that), but I might have if I was in my right mind, because on days like this it really really helps! I do the movements/gestures and after the third or fourth time, feeling comes in, I am inspired again. I told her that she is resilient, and to think about what her grandmother used to love doing. My grandmother I never knew, but I know she loved embroidery, and was especially fond of the color brown. I still have a couple of her lovely flowered doilys, that I treasure. Perhaps we will make a doily with these words:



The short one may win my T-shirt design competition! Shorter: Make a Stand for Justice

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