Magic 2: Community

We have the strength! The Courage! to know that all is possible.

If I could speak and gather you, I would- and full of heart embrace you!!

I stretch out swaying, me a tree! My every branch breathes ecstacy! Ecstacy!

I have some gifts to give, in return for kindness and the love of me..

For you are the one who is seeking that love! The love for all people: the good and the bad.

The thought going out, which is typically You, IS the thought from the good, our poets and teachers, who set us so free, we elate all the people!!

For I am I at last, for they are they..

And all our spirits gather mountains, to raise and look, a look beyond..

For truth is truth, in different ways; A question that be softly told.

But let me touch your soul of understanding, to move and tell you, thus and thus..

Great things are done by small people. Most people are too busy with their own greatness.


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