Kids Path to Meditation and Mindfulness

While we are in lockdown, children are particularly impacted. Their development may be paused in several ways:

Physical development: without the opportunities to run and jump, play games athletically, and participate in the physical activities they had been used to, energies may be more explosive, and they may not as many opportunities to do the gross motor activities and lifting that creates healthy muscle tone and specialized coordination.

Mental development:
Some children may thrive with the increased online stimulation they may be getting, but others, particularly the youngsters, will not be too tolerant of their learning environment online. Children with attention difficulties and focus difficulties may find working online better or infinitely worse. At any rate, the subtleties of their learning and critical thinking may go by the wayside,as teachers teach to the test, having less time to teach crucial signpoints.

Character and Values
As parents, you provide models and gentle persuasion towards the ideals of character and values that we cherish. During this pandemic you have ample opportunity to lose your temper, be demanding and dominate your household with threats and violence. But you don’t do it. You have:
• good habits and courtesy,
• impulse control and restraint,
• the ability to delay gratification,
• the ability to work hard and meet resistance, and
• resiliency to handle disappointments.
You have three magic bullets that keep you on track:
1.Your joy and attachment to your children
2. Reframing everything that happens and everything that you are feeling as a lesson and guide towards your greater good and your success.
3. Praising yourself for the specific things that you are doing well.
And when those aren’t enough: admitting and being sorry for the mistakes you’ve made, the feelings you’ve inadvertently hurt, any damage you may have done. (Really this is a part of reframing, as you’re correcting your course with a new direction that your mistake has shown you).

Sleep, Eating, and Daily Rituals of Living
Many people are letting stress get them down, disrupt their sleep, and feed addictive and binging patterns. It’s an epidemic as bad as the coronavirus, and one that our families will catch and keep for generations to come.
The alternative is to create careful daily rituals, patterns and habits that comfort and nurture us, without unhealthy consequences.

Empatharian As a Daily Stress Reduction Exercise
Twice daily 20 minute (or 5 minute, if need be) sessions of Movement Meditation with Empatharian Movement for Peace will provide physical, mental, emotional and social stimulation, as well as offering creative outlets for you and your children. Values and character are developed as you do the practice, reducing stress, promoting clarity of thought, and increasing core source energy. It’s a spiritual practice that is non-denominational, easy, and practical for fidgety children.

Sitting meditation is excellent, of course, but not always feasible within a busy family of young children. But children enjoy doing the Empatharian Movements, just as adults do, creating their own improvisations as they do it.

With Empatharian in your life, you can become the embodiment of your values, and join a community worldwide of like-minded people. Graciousness and dignity become hallmarks of your family culture, as well as fun, spontaneity and connection to nature and our world.

With Empatharian in your children’s lives, they will be less stressed, more able to sit and focus for lessons, and more emotionally intelligent. Empathy is nurtured and developed, helping everyone in your family communicate assertively, and create a more positive living and learning, growing environment.

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