Justice before Peace? Urban Space Legend Atoned part 11

“I cannot understand how you live so peaceably when your world is unjust and oppressive, when there is suffering everywhere, and your leaders are ruthless and lacking in integrity and honesty. “ Avalon was impassioned, standing before them with hands on her hips, shaking her head in disbelief.

“Back in 2016,” began Artie, “There was a conspiracy by a foreign government to undermine all the institutions of the United States, to have the people ignorant, uneducated, and unable to think rationally. The courts became puppets of the rich, as did all the leaders and even the president of the United States. And the rich were motivated by nothing but greed, to increase their personal wealth, which was already so high it was ridiculous to any normal person.”

“Yes, yes-” said Avalon. “And you’re saying something changed? My great grandfather led a core of people underground in 2020, when the virus stopped the economy and people went mad with illness and hunger. The rich did nothing.”

“There was a delegation of seniors who implored the president to add integrity and honesty to his campaign, in return for a complete TrIumpH at the polls. That meant that he would need to make Elizabeth Warren his Vice-Presidential candidate, and take on her complete platform, word for word. She was I and H personified, as her heritage was native American Indian, and Quaker/Mennonite who are very smart, honest, and dedicated to peace.” said Truth. “He refused, of course, but the people were inspired by the audacity of such a proposal, which was also going to tax the rich and forgive student debt, as well as lower income taxes for working people.”

“Yes,” continued Artie. “It didn’t work that year, but in 2024, Elizabeth Warren was elected President, and Trump stepped down, not running again.”

“We didn’t get Justice immediately, of course, and it’s still a work in progress as the Congress of the United States wrestles through it all. But we’ve managed to have political campaigns funded by the government completely now, and schools are beginning to teach critical thinking and debate skills. That was a big win.”

“Also, the schools began a program to help brain development and fitness, called Empatharian. From Kindergarten to College and even seniors were doing Empatharian Circles, connecting with other humans worldwide, learning languages and making a universal gestural language. There were contests and performances. All online of course, because travel was now impractical with the virus still making quarantine necessary. It made life liveable, and even satisfying for many people.”

“This sounds very complicated but amazing. How did it ever get started?” said Avalon.

“Well, we’re not sure how it got started- word was that someone in the last century invented the idea, and it just was an idea whose time had come. Oh, yeah- someone made a movie… I think.”

Avalon countered, “So are you saying that the world is actually liveable now? What happened with the virus and the pollution?”

Our next blog post will answer Avalon’s question, and so many others! Will the underground tribe return to the surface? Will Tru and Artie bring the lost tribe home? They are just kids right? Can kids change the world?

Tune in tomorrow!

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