Introducing The World House Challenge

This spring a massive campaign will launch with a special song and dance designed to set the whole world singing and dancing, in the Gardens of Global Unity: Telling the story of a World House, inspired by Rev.Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision, respectful of all cultures and nations, energized with spiritual energy and love –

Your video is needed to join a worldwide campaign for global unity: The World House Challenge. We’ll all be singing and dancing The World House Song, with words by rev. Martin Luther King Jr., created to cover the globe in joy and love, uniting us all with the energy of Compassion and Empathy.

We, the World ( and Empatharian Movement for Peace invite You and your peace-building friends to help build this World House. This World House has a gestural language, dance, song, creative energy and love- a place for our children, and our children’s children to grow and thrive, beyond words, embodying unity for the whole world, nature and humanity. This is the Challenge! Our film debut’s this spring in the Gardens of Global Unity.

Dance the moves of Empatharian’s gestural language, expressed your way, Sing the song, your style! We will make a montage/collage of entries from throughout the world and let Martin Luther King’s visionary words sing and move the World.

Join us at World House Challenge dot earth, and register space for your video.

Many thanks to the good folks at We,the World for their partnership in this project, specifically Sue Blythe who has been the whole inspiration, with her dedication to Rev.Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy, and the Gardens of Global Unity.

Many thanks to the brilliant and dedicated composer, Noam Gaster, of Olympia Washington.  Many thanks to the brilliant and amazing talent of Brendan Gallagher of London, U.K., for his guitar and singing.  Many thanks to the St.Paul’s Free University for their help and assistance with the project.  Many thanks to Eric Kifampa of Kimote Foundation of Kampala, Uganda for his continuing inspiration.

The deadline for entries for our spring Challenge is February 28, so please contact me at and/or look at our website where you can also register and learn about it, watch the moves, hear the song.

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