Inspiring Enlightened Selfishness

When people are altruistic, giving of themselves, helping others, there is a payoff which is the greatest gold, the most potent wealth, and it’s in our very body chemistry: This is enlightened selfishness!

Our Mr. P, though many decry his actions and inaction, he is actually helping to starkly frame the culture clash of selfish greed, which leads to short term gains, vs enlightened selfishness, where we care for each other, feel cared for, and all thrive, for a future of long term gains.

Hate does not “most inhabit human minds”. Fear obscures the truth of our being, and is the most dominating, I believe. The fear narrative is something that many are pumping up in order to manipulate and dominate, I believe, including Mr. P. What “most inhabits human minds” IS Love… That is the truth of our being, the cradle of aliveness, and the oxygen we breathe every moment of our lives. That breath is the key. that and music, dance, the arts, laughter, and non-verbal communication that is powerful authentic and real.

My project Empatharian can train and amplify our natural powers of luminosity, and this is what is needed at this time. We are being called to greatness. Do not be dismayed.

Hate is an addictive tribal ritual that comes into being because the tribe is weak, sad, and in mourning. Without the hatred, all that pain would be exposed and Ouch! We do not want to feel pain. But hate cannot survive without the fear, and the fear cannot survive without alienation.

Last nights Dalai Lama live teaching was truly inspirational. He said rich people should give money for education, and education needs to include emotional intelligence, kindness benefits and mental and physical health.

My project Empatharian does all that, with the Peace Arts Training, also helping to process trauma and empower individual creativity within a structured wholistic curriculum.

Renouned futurist Alexander Laszlo is promoting Empatharian with his wonderful feedback. He understands the breakthrough that Empatharian can be for education and for our culture. He says:

“We spend so much time in our head, and especially for children having ways to embody, incorporate and then enact in their body a flow of expression. … and harmonize with yourself in dynamic relationship with others, co-construct(ing) with others- very needed in today’s world

“(Empatharian is) a language that allows for individual expression within a broader narrative … with a component of rhythm and ritual to affirm us…to feel comfort in, (while you) bring your own voice, and I don’t mean spoken voice: I mean the voice of your being.

“Somatic and kinesthetic learning is very important. Empatharian can be a breakthrough to go beyond competition, to a new world learning community. It has this possibility of a combination Hogwarts Academy-Jedi Training-Castalia and Ashram – all in one!”

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