Innate Joy, All traditions, All spiritualities

The Buddhists call it “Basic Goodness”, a self-healing wealth that is our cellular inheritance.

Christians call it “grace”. Muslims call it “love”. Jews call it “hootzpa”.

I will talk about Innate Joy, as it relates to the joyful tide that joins in attachment to our mother, our primary caregiver. This is a chemistry of aliveness, life-giving strength, of nature’s embrace and nurture. It is our innate joy, and it is the innate joy of every living sentient being.

In Empatharian, we move this abstract meaning with the hands in a motion of a wave, going up, then down and up. Index Fingers are together, thumbs crossed, both hands are joined in this wave motion, up and down and up. Arms are in front of the body, and it’s natural for the feet to be carried in the motion of this wave, moving forward.

Doing this gesture “Innate Joy”, reminds us that life is carried forward in ups and downs. We may soar to heights of ecstatic feeling, only when we descend to the depths of our deepest longing, touch base, and push off again to the light. Light is a wave and particle, though to us it seems linear, it is not. Similarly, sound is a wave and particles. All of life proceeds in wave motion, like the ocean, alive and aligned.

My little dog Darby teaches me his up and down rhythms, and I mirror him and his needs. We move together in a dance, he barks, I pick him up, I take him outside. Sometimes I get it wrong for a moment. I think he needs a drink. Sometimes, he does!

When he is with our cat, he sidles up and inexorably licks the cats ears. He licks and licks until the ears are wet like rags, inside and out, and the cat is in ecstasy being licked. And Darby is in ecstasy licking this cats soft silken ears. It’s a grooming activity that this cats mother must have also done, and she is feeling those same luxurious loved feelings as when her mother groomed her, safe and clean. Darby was also groomed and licked by his mother, and so this activity connects him also with the primordial early puppy dog feelings of being loved by his mother.

How cool is that when they are just hanging out, they have that silken golden thread between them, a toffee of connection, innate joy that is a precious pearl of memory they hold between them, a friendship between a cat and a dog that looks like a love affair.

Everyone, everywhere triumphs

Making a Stand for Peace,,

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enthused, dignified energy,,

Seeking heart connectionss

to INNATE JOY and wisdom. .

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