If You Have Balance Issues? Prevent Falls and Re-balance!

Affirmation: “If I could speak and gather you I would, and full of heart embrace you.” – Affirmation for Everyone, Tammy Narena, c. 1978

Have you been losing your balance lately? Feeling a little less steady on your feet, or actual dizziness?  Well, it’s a pretty common complaint these days, for whatever reason.  You are not alone.

Several medical explanations might explain it:  inner ear disturbances, infections, or just vertigo.  But chances are it’s a more fundamental disturbance: lack of grounding.  This pandemic has knocked the ground of ordinary living out from under many people’s feet.  That lack of grounding, or re-adjusting your grounding, leaves space for tipping over, for uncertainty, for losing track of where your feet are situated at the moment, as you paddle in place.

If you actually lose your balance completely and experience a fall, that can be hazardous.  Many people these days have brittle bones that break or crack more easily.  As you grow older, falls are one of the most common hazards. And a fall can land you in the hospital.  One in three elders fall, and one in five will die from the falls. Let’s nip this balance issue in the bud! No falling down thank you!


A Daily Wellness Practice

Doing the Empatharian movement meditation practice can help prevent falls, and improve your balance, both mentally and physically, with simple slow movements in about 15 minutes a day.  The Empath Stretch is an affirmation for peace-building in your life and in the world, and it’s a movement meditation that helps ground you.

Slow deliberate, mindful movements, done in a regular routine daily or even just 3 times a week, have been shown in research to reduce the risk of falling by about 30%.  There’s simple science in the reason for that effect:  Awareness, attention, and cognition are all improved with doing the routine of slow movements.  With more awareness and attention, more mindful living results in better balance, and sureness of step.  Pro-actively exercising the mind and body muscles in unison, helps synchronize and ground the person, creating a structural integration that stops toppling over in its tracks.

Also, physically the Empath Stretch increases muscle strength, joint flexibility, and ease of movement, the more you do it.   Moving is more smooth and graceful, over a period of time.  Such simple movements and yet the upper body strength, the lower extremity stability and elasticity, are improved.  We call it the Empath Stretch, because we expect a bit of stretch, both with the body and the mind.  That means that you go just beyond your comfort zone sometimes, to gently stretch the muscle, and then hold the position for one second longer.  Of course, it is imperative that you listen to your body as you move, and do not push yourself too much.  Gentle is the watchword here.

The third movement of the Empath Stretch is “everyone, everywhere”, and it’s a movement of balance with an affirmation that helps us remember our connection to everyone, everywhere: “If I could speak and gather you I would, and full of heart embrace you!”. This is the affirmation to say to yourself when you are doing this movement:


3. Everyone

Stepping to the side, the feet land shoulder width apart, arms and hands stretch out straight even with the shoulders, to either side. Shoulders drop, head leans back stretching the neck, and putting gentle pressure on the back of the skull. This massage of the cerebellar vermis, which is there just above the brain stem, helps to stimulate it and promote its development, while promoting calming effects.

With early trauma in a child, the cerebellar vermis develops abnormalities, attention and emotional regulation as well as motor coordination are affected. So this exercise may contribute to bettering all those things at once over time, as well as helping balance itself. Are you an early trauma survivor? Chances are pretty high that you are, even if you have no memory of any incidents.

Mental and physical balance depend on parts of the brain and inner ear, which sometimes get disconnected- but such good news! The brain’s plasticity does not disappear with age, according to the latest research on the neurology of the brain. At any time in the lifecycle, the brain has the ability to re-grow neural pathways, heal broken connections and achieve an unknown greater potential.

The Empath Stretch, along with the words and affirmations of the practice, the spiritual intention for peace, all adds power to the brain’s cellular neural networks. The movement feels good, and it is good for you. You feel more grounded and embodied in your intentions, your life. You are nurturing the body and the source energy core of love that is your birthright.

Making A Stand for Peace-building Everyone Everywhere- is Balanced!


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