Honoring Ancestors Inside Us- part 2 Urban Space Legend Atoned

”Nana Sun” before the Sky God reclaimed her, delivered the gift of fire to the four quarantined boys who were all of humanity separated. She commanded them to form a tribe together, and then pleased with their gratitude, further gifted them sparks who became maidens:

A White-skinned maiden for the boy of the cave from the East.

A Brown-skinned maiden for the boy of the plain from the South.

A Yellow-skinned maiden for the boy of the tree from the North.

And A Blue-skinned maiden for the boy of the river from the West.

And these were the great great great grandmothers and great great great grandfathers of us all.

Now, nobody has blue skin anymore, do they? But if you look at the inside of your wrist, you will see where each of us still has some part of the River Boy in us. Put your thumb on that spot now and hold it there for a few minutes. You will begin to feel the pulse of your heart, reminding you that you are a part of the river and it is flowing and pulsing through your body. Whenever you need to calm down and tune in to your inner wisdom, you can try this- just hold your wrist until you feel it pulse gently back at you. The River Boy is shy as well, and when he sees us, he will blush red, which is why our blood always looks red when we see it outside the body.

And nobody has white skin anymore either. Oh, some people are whiter than others, in various shades of cream and beige- but nobody is really pure white anymore. But we still have reminders of the Boy of the Cave, and whenever we feel scared, it’s helpful to remember the protection of the cave inside of us. Can you guess where it is, the whiteness we all have? Yes, it’s our bones, our teeth and our nails. So, if you feel scared or worried about something, you can just feel the hardness of your nails or your teeth, and remember that you can protect yourself.

And the Boy of the Tree is inside of us as well: in the branching of our blood vessels, our lungs, and every breath that we take in as our gift from the trees. Did you know that trees breathe in the carbon dioxide that we breathe out, and breathe out oxygen- the thing that humans and animals need to breathe in. Every breath that we take is a magical exchange with some tree that has made us the oxygen we need, in return for our exhaled carbon dioxide that they need. So with every breath that we take, we can remember the boy of the tree, and the wonderful fuel that he always promised to provide.

The Boy of the Plain is harder to find, and most people don’t find him until they grow up. But every time you stroke your skin or rub your hands together, you can generate the heat of fire, and can warm yourself no matter how cold you get. You have the fire inside of you. The Boy of the Plain is our network of nerve cells running throughout our body, culminating in the magnificent brain, which is where we reside most of the time.

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