Helping Heal Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Empatharian Style

Up to 2 ½ million Americans suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, many of them undiagnosed. Yes, you can give momentary relief with reiki.  Reiki’s powerful healing modality generates energy in the body, relieves stress momentarily, but perhaps you have found that the effect doesn’t last longer than 24 to 48 hours on a true chronic fatigue sufferer.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is finally getting some respect from the medical establishment: too little, too late for many. Also known as myalgic encepalomyelitis, chronic fatigue syndrome has been dismissed as psychological, and conventional medicine treats the complaint with cognitive behavioral therapy, anti-depressant drugs, graded exercise therapy, sleep hygiene (discouraging over-sleeping too), and referrals to support groups.

Productive or Counter-productive Conventional Treatment?

Okay. Not bad for a beginning? No, it’s actually counter-productive to have this point of view towards a very real physical illness that debilitates people to the point of total withdrawal from life. So sad that these approaches actually discount the rough experience of the ME-CFS patient, making them feel like a barnacle, and don’t actually cure the syndrome at all.

Recently, Dr. Anthony Fauci compared the experience of Covid-19 “long-haulers” to patients with ME-CFS, whose complaints are similar and both being referred to psychotherapy and exercise, not taking their complaints seriously. Symptoms of stress, depression and deconditioning after illness (many ME-CFS patients also had an initiating virus event), are not the only things going on, it’s recently been found.

There is a complex mechanism at play in the body, which recent research in Norway has found to respond encouragingly to antiviral and immunosuppressant drugs. Unfortunately, the side effects of the drugs, and not totally conclusive results, make for poor reasons to start this therapy.

My Personal Experience With ME-CFS

When I had CFS many years ago, I learned that I had allergies to 38 pretty common foods. After 90 days of eliminating those foods from my diet, I felt miraculously better. I also simultaneously embarked on a path to change my life forever, following my passion into psychology and meditation at Naropa University. Part of our curriculum included mind-body practices which I’ve now refined and developed into my mother’s concept for Empatharian Movement for Peace.

I’ve met many people over the years who’ve had similar stories, and read many books about the brain-grain connection, and how certain carbohydrates in the diet become indigestible to certain people.  It turns out Most people are this way.  Various things undo the physiology of digestion, and you can stop absorbing nutrients, which catches up with most of us, apparently.  Now, all the pro-biotic things may be helpful, but actually eliminating the toxic ingestion is primary.

Usually people can feel the difference if they just stop eating all wheat and grain products for a couple of weeks.  People lose all kinds of weight, as I did, and feel 200% better energy, as I did also.  Sometimes it takes eliminating more than just grain, and a “Low FODMAP” diet is called for.  Who knew?

How Can Empatharian Help?

There are multiple medicinal components in doing the movement practice of Empatharian for ME-CFS patients especially. While diet is major in restoring gut health, getting restorative nurtrients into the cells and bloodstream, and re-building strength and immunity, the neurological health of the body is a major piece of ME-CFS which needs to be addressed, and is well addressed with Empatharian as a holistic treatment modality, in addition to Reiki.

1. Teaching breathing techniques which trigger para-sympathetic responses (rest, digest), training the body away from sympathetic responses (fight, flight, freeze) which the patient has become habituated to over many years (usually). This helps lower cortisol levels and improve adrenal function.

2. Gentle stretching and musculoskeletal strengthening, which avoids the post-exertional malaise that makes the symptoms worse. You see, because of this, the idea of prescribing normal exercise to an Me-CFS patient is complete nonsense and a fool’s errand. However, Empatharian helps the patient to move gently and safely, which is so important to well-being and overall health.

3. Dynamic structural integration: spines and chakra areas align and are stimulated to work together in harmony, doing the movements.

4. Active Relaxation of Mind and Body: As you move, you move from your core, deepening and intentionally directing the body to relax each muscle, consciously. This is the benefit of meditation, in movement for your patients.

5. Awareness, Mindfulness and Focussed Attention: The mind expands and focusses at the same time, using the words of the movement meditation as a vehicle bringing awareness and mental clarity. This has a tendency, over time and with practice, to dispell the “brain fog” symptomatic of ME-CFS.

6. Philosophy of Peace-Building, Spirituality, and Ritual- The movements motivate expansion of the patient’s spiritual energy, and the spiritual energy motivates the movement practice, adding strength and conviction to movement on a regular basis.

7. Emotional Expression- different from Martial Arts where the emotions are held in check, Empatharian channels emotions into more movement, doing improvisational dance/movements/art that helps the patient work through and heal wounds and trauma at their own pace.

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