Healing Trauma with Movement Meditation –

Empatharian Movement for Peace begins with each person doing a healing practice: a movement meditation that we call The Empath Stretch.

It has many active ingredients that make it medicinal to the body, mind, and spirit.  The slow stretching movements, using the upper body and legs, in mindful conscious specific gestures: 12 different movements.

The 12 movements are gestures with meaning: words that go together to make a sentence.  It’s a sentence about peace-building, both personally and globally.  And so the movements are a meditation and an affirmation that is sealed into the body, helping the participant to embody their own purposes and intentions.

This becomes a powerful healing practice when doing it daily for 8-20 minutes a day.  Trauma from past abuse and violence gets sealed into the body as the body produces cortisol, numbing the emotional pain, and dissociating the person’s consciousness from the body.  The long term effects of this process do not eliminate the pain, they simply make it go underground, to the sub-conscious and the unconscious, where it runs your life in ways that are out of your control.

You may hold your trauma in your shoulders or the muscles of your pelvis, predisposing you to neck and back injuries, fat accumulation and poor digestion.  The cortisol continues to flood your nervous system on a regular basis, making an exaggerated startle response, overly vigilant behaviours, and flight/fight/freeze on your relationships:  you are unable to rest or relax, focus or listen, most of the time.

The Empath Stretch is made up of 12 movements divided into 3 sections:

  1. Setup for Win/Win
  2. Actions for peace-building
  3. Results in the world, and yourself.

In the first section of the Empath Stretch, the 4 movements of the Setup for Win/Win are

  1. Making a Stand
  2. For Peace-building
  3. Everyone
  4. Wins

In the second section- Actions the movements are

  1. Inspiring
  2. Respectful/Dignified
  3. Energy
  4. Seeking

In the third section- Results, the movements are:

  1. Inner Joy
  2. Wisdom
  3. Heart/Love
  4. Connection

Each of the movements has particular medicinal qualities for the organs and the nervous system/brain.  Essentially, you are consciously re-parenting yourself with movement, nurturing your own positive emotions, and replacing cortisol with the love hormones, and reward hormones that make life worthwhile, and generate human happiness.

Even better, your practice generates seratonin, which is the body’s natural pain killer, so that even in the short term, you feel more wellness and less pain.   On a cellular level, special breathing practices bathe the cells in oxygen, improve the circulation, and improve the synapses between nerve cells:  you’re faster, more clear and insightful, and healthier all together.

And that’s just the movement portion of the practice!  There’s so much more… Trauma can be inherited and passed on to your children and your children’s children, as can positive ways of coping.  Healing your trauma now will not only help you feel better in your life, it will improve your participation in every aspect of family, relationships, and community.

You owe it to yourself and future generations to make a stand – join an Empatharian Circle online or in your neighborhood, starting soon.

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