Healing the Bully – ALL WIN

Fox news has just made a chart correlating death/murders of black people with upticks in the economy. I am a bit worried about the source of this one, and how they are fomenting murder in the name of greed. god help us. I just wrote an article about the origins of this racism, and that would correlate with the brief high a bully gets after dominating someone. But it does not last… To heal the bully one needs to embrace their goodness, for we all have goodness, and heal their self-esteem with praise, presence, and assurance. That is your task for today… My task. My work Empatharian is that effort…

For all you happy that your investments are finally paying off, don’t worry: it won’t last. The deliberate baiting for those Trumpidites to do more violence, more racist killing is too obvious. Now they really are working for you guys, to make you guys with money to invest richer and richer. Oh, to retire in Florida? Go for it. But remember, you are being baited and the hook hurts in the long run.

Say “No matter what you do or say, I am a worthwhile person. I deserve respect and I am respectful. Keep your hands to yourself. I deserve an apology, whether you knew or didn’t know you were offending.

“It sounds like you’re really angry because you feel insulted, like I don’t respect you. I’m wondering if you need some acknowledgement of how hard you’re working to keep up with all the new stuff happening. And how smart you are too. You don’t like all these changes because you’re worried you won’t get your needs met. I’d like to assure you that your needs are important to me, you are important to me, and I want to make sure that you are happy in this new world, as much as I am able.”

The Trump mainstream and the billionaires have in common that they’re afraid they will be losing their stuff: guns, for the mainstream, and everything for the billionaires. Well then, let’s start telling the truth: they will.

Assault weapons and artillery will be banned. No one will be allowed to massacre. Those weapons will be bought back by the Gun shops and the government at premium prices, in exchange for jobs, free job trainings, and free university tuition to all who qualify, or their children who may qualify.

Wealth will be re-distributed only willingly. In exchange for homes, real estate, and cash, people will get vouchers for free services, education and health care.

If people have too many vouchers, they can set up (we already have) Lions, Eagles, or Greenpeace Clubs to award scholarships. Plant trees, build solar and wind plants. Oh taxes on income will be 79% of gross income over 00,000, so no more deductions for “expenses” like golf vacation business meetings, and going to Dubai to make deals with Chieftains… It’s okay, you will survive just fine, and think of how good it’ll feel to be making so many others happy! Your depression and anxiety, your kids problems, all out the window when we are contributing members of society, not just parasites.

All cars that are not hybrids or alternative fuels older than 5 years old, will be melted down in exchange for a voucher for a new alternative fueled car.

The stock market will be overhauled so that stocks may not be sold before a 5 year period. If people are invested in a company, they will receive dividends every 5 years. Or monthly

Okay all those ideas seem far fetched, but that is the deal: a Fair and Happy world, 6 week/ year vacations, 25 hour workweek., 2 year maternity or paternity leave, every one assigned families to mentor…

Being lazy is fine, being ignorant is fine, being stupid or greedy is fine, just do it with people who you can be happy with. No one needs to put up with tyrants. We all have a vote. And in your own tribe or clan: Have prizes for good jokes, songs, dancing, and loads of music . I bet you could think up even more fun things.

And get rid of all that cement and asphalt. Let the earth breathe. Make houses for homeless people, convert unused office buildings and shops to live-work spaces for artists (every homeless person is a rough-sleeping artist. let’s change the moniker for good.)

These are some ideas, but people everywhere might have other ideas. As long as the ideas are safe, and people stop being hurt. I do not think these ideas are worth dying for. It sure would make a wonderful world though, and the inspiration to have a wonderful world in this country, right here, right now! Can drive this campaign. Could it? If we all WIN, ALL WIN- that’s the ticket.

Let’s do a transformation in America. Town meetings to brainstorm! We can do this online!

Oh, yeah, wonderful Wonderful WONDERFUL WORLD! ALL WIN

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