Healing Journeys Embraced -Empatharian is a healing energy…

Your healing journey may have begun long ago, or it may just be beginning. You may be healing from decades of emotional abuse from a close family member, or have injured your neck or back in a recent accident.

Empatharian work is not a substitute for professional care, when needed, but it can be an adjunct to your care which will speed your healing, no matter what stage you are in.

If you are under professional care, you may be able to discuss Empatharian with your care provider professional, and their input can guide your safest recovery using Empatharian.

Empatharian provides a very gentle stretching and structured movements that open and awaken cellular rejuvenation. Because it is a movement meditation practice, it relieves stress, sharpens mental clarity, increases flexibility and improves balance. The words of the practice reinforce and energize a spiritual energy that excites the energy of healing very positively.

An Empatharian Workshop also includes journaling processes, improvisational art, and talking circles, where non-judgmental empathetic feedback helps provide safe exploration of physical and emotional pain. With that, mindfulness of your body’s messages increases, and you learn to listen and respond more consciously to yourself and others. Empathy increases, and you gain perspective on your life which empowers and increases resilience, gratitude, and life energy in the body.

Empatharian’s Effects Mentally: Resilience

 Resilience is at the very heart of well being and is made up of the 7Cs: competence, confidence, connection, character, contribution, coping and control. – Dr Pooky Knightsmith training, ‘Building Resilience in Children and Young People’.May 1, 2018

This is how to effectively build resilience in the face of life’s challenges:
• Step 1: Cultivate self-awareness. …
• Step 2: Accept when you’ve made a mistake or see through another’s bias …
• Step 3: Find strength in your vulnerability. …

Empatharian’s Effects Emotionally: Gratitude

“Acknowledging the good you already have in your life is the foundation of all abundance.” Eckhart Tolle

This is how building gratitude affects life’s challenges:
• Step 1: Gratitude unshackles you from toxic emotions…
• Step 2: Gratitude helps even if you don’t share it …
• Step 3: Gratitude’s benefits take time and increase over time…

Empatharian’s Effects Physically: Life Energy in the Body

The performance of your cells affects your quality of life, health, and longevity. The body’s energy systems influence the health of your mitochondrion, respiratory system, circulatory system, and muscle growth–all of which improve overall wellness. Mitochondria, the cellular generators responsible for synthesizing the body’s energy, are critical to longevity. Repeatedly stimulating these pathways helps their positive adaptation. With the stretching and aerobic prayer of Empatharian, and effortlessly pushing yourself to places just a bit physically uncomfortable, you stimulate cellular health, energy and capability in your body. And that matters to everyone–whether you are completely physically healthy or in a healing mode, your cellular health improves.

In addition, Empatharian Workshop participation, or even one on one coaching, will be a process where you will amplify exponentially the spiritual energy and connection in your life. As you move through the Empath Stretch, you are invited in daily practice to extend your movements beyond the physical: reaching down to the roots in the earth, up to the heavens and out to the stars, giving gratitude to the trees, and the earth, giving our out-breath and receiving the gift of our in-breath, exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Health is an expression of connection: connection between our organs and cells, connection to the outer world of nature, and connection to people. Connection between our physical and spiritual selves, our emotional and mental selves, and mind-body-spirit, in a holistic union of embodied personhood. Empatharian can bring a powerful healing energy into your life, and in its largest most expanded vision, provide a world community of Empatharians where everyone wins.

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