Grounding Yourself With Movement Meditation

We all know that meditation is a really good grounding technique for helping you to keep your energy clear and present. Now in this pandemic, your self-care is so so important, with more stress on you and your family, more stress on clients and the community, more stress in our world right now.  Many people are using drugs and alcohol for a quick release and feeling of boost.

An Alternative With Long Term Benefits

I’d like to suggest something different: Empatharian Movement for Peace Practice. Now, you probably don’t know what that is, do you? It’s new, and yet we’ve been using all the mechanisms of Empatharian separately for centuries, though few have put it all together in an easily accessible form for normal Americans.

So, Empatharian is a movement practice that you can do in less than 15 minutes, or half that if you need to. It’s a movement meditation, with the benefits of meditation: helping clarity, mindfulness, and presence, without needing to sit and be silent, which is very difficult for people with trauma in their history, or any level of Attention Deficit Disorder.

Well, let’s be real:  sitting still for 20 minutes is hard for everyone! So with Empatharian, you are doing slow sustained movement, easy positions for most people, but stretching important muscle and spinal areas, gently and safely, and doing the important breathing and posture practices that optimize wellness.

Consult With Your Health Professional

Of course, It’s good if you have body issues to consult with your health professional before doing Empatharian, and to follow all their recommendations with your practicing.   If you have injuries or special needs, doing Empatharian can raise the healing time, healing energy, and assist with your doctors and physical therapist’s program of therapy for you. If you have balance issues or dementia issues, this kind of movement meditation has been shown in clinical research to help significantly.

Always use gentle awareness of your body and its pain thresholds, being responsible for taking care of yourself.

Doing the Empatharian Practice can help with pain, promoting the body’s production of serotonin, which is a natural pain-killer.

Comparing to Martial Arts

Some of you may be familiar with the martial arts that are also slow meditative movements, that have been well researched to have excellent benefits for mind, body, and spirit. Empatharian Practice, to start, has 12-14 movements, less than the beginning 36 position amalgamations of aikido for instance. So it’s easier to learn, faster to become accomplished, and faster to become a trainer, or facilitator, as we call them. And yet the movements are very powerful, stay in your consciousness, and penetrate to deep levels for activating and energizing organs and energy centers.

The movements actually mean words: each movement forms a sentence about peace-building. Empatharian is a gestural sign language where each movement represents what we might intuitively guess it does. The idea is that we are creating a universal language in non-verbal whole body gestures, that can be danced, or just moved, slowly and meditatively for excellent benefit.

It can also be a back and forth conversation, a communication without words, that is specific and clear. When you complete the Primary Practice, called “The Empath Stretch”, to an accomplished level, you may begin with further words/positions/communications, that are your individual stories and creations.

Empatharian is a Peace Arts Training, different from a Martial Arts Training. It is about using and amplifying your energy for peace-building and generating spiritual energy for good. Not about thinking of an opponent and fighting.

It may be that we are in the age of Empatharian, because combat is not the way to power in this world anymore. Fighting and coercion usually end up producing bad feelings and a winner/loser dynamic. People will proceed past the coercion whenever they want to hide and persist. Like today’s guerrilla warfare has made wars impossible to win, fighting is not the way to win anymore.

Peace-building with words?

Moms always say, “Use Your Words”, right?  The words of the movement meditation for peace-building are:

Making a Stand for Peace-building everybody wins, inspired respectful energy seeking inner joy, wisdom and heart connection. 

These words of the Empath Stretch movement meditation can infuse powerful grounding energies into your professional practice, your personal relationships, and into your body as well.

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