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Hard day out there today. Coronavirus19 worries and changes to our lives provoke stress and stress lowers immunity. How can we help ourselves to stay safe, be calm, and pro-active? Buying toilet paper by the truckload will not do it. If you’ve been following this blog, you’ve learned about breath techniques, posture techniques, and moving an offering of courage, victory/triumph to all, a sensing and feeling of peace, The Empatharian way is to touch in to this intention, intentionally, purposefully, and consciously. If at first it’s just making motions, without feeling it- that’s okay. Sink in to the breath, feeling your posture pulled up through the spine from the top of your head- lift your arms and your spirit. Three repetitions is enough, but you can repeat those repetitions to the four directions.

There for all is Victory, Triumph in Communicating, Compassion. Feel Peace!

We complete ourEmpatharian prayer/meditation/movement for peace with a definition of “Peace”:

“Peace is enthused,




good lifee

in the naturee

of God.

One thing we CAN do, is generate energy within our bodies, strengthen our thinking, align our spirits with higher power: Trust that we can do things differently, and be well. The internet is buzzing with directives, recommendations, and health ideas. I won’t reiterate any of that- it’s not needed. We more need energy that’s calm and clear, again from our own deepest knowing and wisdom, to do what is needed to keep ourselves safe.

The building blocks of Empatharian Energy Generating are each quite simple techniques, movements, and thinking. Each on their own will do some good- they exponentially feed on themselves, exponentially boosting energy and well-being. Of course, it takes practice, but you will feel better and more energetic at each step of the way. Calm and clarity are a natural by-product. You are helping yourself to be stronger, more energetic, and pro-active.

“People can literally scare themselves to death. Fear and worry suppress the immune system by flooding us with various hormones, including cortisol and adrenaline.

The mind and immune system are in a delicate balance. Stress, whether chronic or sudden, can make us ill or kill us.

The Coronavirus will definitely affect you if you succumb to fear. Writing this, I know it has already affected me. I have a little knot in my solar plexus. I woke up at 3 am this morning thinking about it.

This has to stop. I need to take control of my brain and not indulge in obsessive scanning of the internet or other fear-inducing activity.

I know the immune system is strengthened by healthy eating, exercise and laughter. So I am going to take positive action…”

– Fiona Cameron Lister, British author living in Tuscany, Italy 3-14-2020.

People are using gestural movement and dance to express their exubrance:

The new handshake: beyond elbow bumps, an amalgamation that says Let’s go, I like you, no matter what!,

The hand-washing dab dance from Vietnam, with complete gestural teaching of the best way to wash…

This creative response to our crisis, along with the poems of delight of mother earth, as we humans collectively stop, stop all our rushing around, doing in and polluting the earth, and earth recovers, as we rediscover some of our dear Humanity, expand our Empatharian.

I myself hunger for human contact, for the knowledge that someone is actually reading and listening to my words. I fear there is no listening, no response. I fear that I am wasting my time. While I’m building and giving away the work here in my blog, I’m not building yet a base of people, of Empatharians. I don’t really know how to proceed, but to proceed.

I myself just want to bury my head in fantasy stories and netflix, walks on the beach, planting the garden, paying my bills.

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and I miss the meetings that gave me the feeling I was moving forward, that someone was hearing my words. I am afraid that I am, as one of my facebook “friends” says, making utopian pipe dreams of an implausible future that no one is ready for, or even wants.

I think him wrong. I think we all strive for Peace. That empathy and peace-building is what we were made for. The attachment that we feel for our mothers, is not just survival-seeking, it is actually joy-seeking. Seeking peace, we aren’t seeking death, we seek life! We seek joy-

Sometimes it’s hard to see that positive bias, because our brains actually have a negative bias which has been built in to help us survive. That Negative bias is our inner critic, the inner child who is wrong Wrong! 5 out of 6 times! Still, he is trying hard, doing his best, his tiny little fingers around our hearts, our solar plexis, fingers in our gut. Hello little guy! I say. Hello, I love you and will take care of you. I hear that you are scared. It’s okay. We’ve got this. But thanks for sharing… good little boy. Here, you play over here…

The positive bias is our hopes, dreams, intentions, courage, trust, faith- our basic goodness, at the heart of our being.

So: Peace = enthused (palms facing out vertically at throat level, rotating arms out vertically to sides)

dignified (head held up by two hands palms down, elbows out)

energy (hands making generator movement, at solar plexis, two hands facing like blades)

seeking (hand shading eyes moving head to scan horizon, first right, then left)

good (soft fists touching at heart)

life (arms slice out with shoulders in alignment, front and back) , walking forward

in the nature (hands in swan dive, first upwards, then making a wave/dive to a benediction, index fingers and sides of each hand touching throughout movement).

Of God (arms straight up, eyes up, hands face each other) (also means “higher power”. s up, hands face each other) (also means “higher power”.

“Poor overall diet quality is the single leading cause of premature death in the United States today, causing an estimated 500,000 or so deaths each year. That is more than ten times worse than a fairly bad strain of influenza, monumentally worse than coronavirus19thus far, and happens every year.” -Dr. David L. Katz, Director, Yale Prevention Research Center.

“Admittedly, coronavirus kills quickly when it kills, and diet tends to kill more slowly. This matters, but less than first meets the eye. Dying prematurely and abruptly is bad, but dying prematurely after a long chronic disease (heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and kidney disease— losing life from years before losing years from life — is no bargain either. We have a native blind spot for any risk that plays out slowly rather than immediately — but climate change shows how calamitously costly that can prove to be. So, OK, coronavirus “wins” for speed, but really deserves far less preferential respect than it gets. Flu warrants far more.

Diet, willfully engineered to put profit ahead of public health while evoking no apparent outrage, warrants far more still.” – David L. Katz, Director, Yale Institute for Preventive Medicine.

Did you know that all those potato chips, candy bars, bagels, and even microwave popcorn, are all engineered to be addictive. Like the painkillers oxycontin, etc., they are highly addictive, dangerous to your health, and numbing to the normal taste and pleasure receptors that keep you eating healthy. Healthy food becomes tasteless because it doesn’t have enough salt and sugar (high fructose corn syrup! Outlawed in Europe!) for you to like it. A whole cuisine is omitted from your nutritional intake and your only hope of survival is to take vitamins and laxatives as needed! This is wrong. Reclaim your energy and your life force with non-engineered foods, grown from earth, sun, and oxygen.

gifts of feelings are gifts of God. Breathe into them, relax around them, allow them, listen and talk back… gently. with kindness, empathy. Hi little boy- thanks for suggesting this to me....

Blog 4 is complete e

Best wishes, please contact me! ?

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