An innovation in expressionistic dancing that, according to its creator, ballerina Tamara, not only can develop self discipline and control of thought through the expression of organized artistic movement, but can also serve as an intercultural exchange cementing into an international language, will be presented this Saturday (September 22) at the music shell in MacArthur Park.

The exhibition is being offered by the Bureau of Music, Los Angeles Department of Municipal Art as part of its weekly community sing and variety show held in the park each Saturday. The two hour program is scheduled to begin at 2 pm, and will be open to the public without charge.

Miss Tamara calls her new dance form “Ressmanology” and classes it as a study of “space movement language”. She said the study of Ressmanology accentuates perseverance and discipline with pupils and teacher as a unit, and stresses the beauty of incorporating all the arts in a natural method of study. She said that through its study the individual derives an understanding and well being tha later expresses in daily speech, action and thought.

Miss Tamara was formerly premiere ballerina of the Johannesburg (South Africa) Festival Ballet Company. She has won many professional competitions and Gold Medal Awards, and was presented to Queen Elizabeth for her presentations of ballet and humanitarian work in South Africa and England. From the age of 16 years she was pronounced a brilliant choreographer by such prominent authorities as John Connell, president of the Johannesburg Festival Ballet Company, and Freda Grant, examiner and adjudicator of the Royal Academy of Dancing in London.

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