Flash Mob Designed for 2012

“Imagine this: 200 people in Grand Central Station, a flash mob of Telesymbolists, doing a Peace Demonstration, silently. Miming words that express our deepest aspirations, embodying heartfelt meaning, making simple movements in sentence form, which somehow, though you don’t know this language consciously, you understand intuitively.

“There is victory in communication;”

200 more people suddenly appear on the other side of Grand Central Station:

“Peace is enthused dignified energy”

The original 200 respond, walking diagonally towards the newcomers:

“Building life with kindness, communication and wisdom.”

The newcomers echo the movement phrase, now walking diagonally towards the others, “Building life with kindness, communication and wisdom!”

The two sets of people begin to intersect each other’s lines, gracefully walking through the spaces between each person, and repeating the movement phrases from the beginning, in a round, non simultaneous movements, echoing and winding their way through the crowd of onlookers.

Then suddenly as it started, it stops, and everyone just starts their normal walk to wherever they were going.

This Game is for real, for peace, for health, for fun, for exercise, for giving strength to your words, and words to your strength! I would like to invite all comers, who are curious; who think peace is worth moving towards personally, or moving about with your body actually, in reality and in truth… ”

-from Chapter 1: Introduction, Tammy Love Story: The Development of a Tele-Conferencing Game of Word Alchemy, Loanda Cullen, copyright 2012, Smashwords.com.

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