Everywhere I go – blog 13

Today I left the house for the first time in 13 days. Of course I’ve been doing runs, dog walks, and working in the garden, sitting in the sun as much as I can. But today I actually got in the car and drove to do some errands, went to several stores, wore my mask and eye shield diligently, and went to a drive thru taco stand I love. Hey, it was great to get out, I can’t lie. But a little surreal as well.

We are all trying to make the best of this, hope it ends soon. But some of the changes will stick around, transforming the way we live and do business, the way we go to school, and transforming relationships as well.

I guess there must be people reacting selfishly like the President and Senators who are taking advantage of their prior pandemic knowledge, and promoting unproven solutions, raising prices on masks as states and countries compete to buy the small supply. I don’t see them in my neighborhood, or in Washington. People seem to be acting responsibly and thoughtfully and keeping their social distance, here. But we know they’re out there.

Governors loathe to shut down businesses, until the numbers start to spike. Radical right wing “Patriots” who want to do as they please, and will anyway, whether it kills people or not. Very “pro-life”, Not.

The beginning of the Empath Stretch, the peace prayer in movement of the gestural language Empatharian, is the movement for “Everyone, everywhere”:

Palms up, reaching forward and out with eyes following the hands out to an imaginary crowd as far as the eye can see. First to one side, then to the other side, each arm invites everyone, everywhere, with both hands spreading outward palms up, elbows straight.

It’s a grand movement, reaching to the horizon and beyond, including all peoples, all languages, all cultures, all disagreements, all ages, all alliances, all enemies.

The world is much smaller than it used to be. We are all globally connected with what we wear, what we eat, what music we listen to, how we power our cars. Jet airplanes connect us, make conferences all over the world, a recreation industry of tourism that drives billions into little faraway places that no one knows about. How does that happen? Our media, print media, social media, tv: all make the exotic and far away a part of our daily life. Most of our big cities are fully integrated with people from many cultures living side by side, almost always in peace and mutual respect.

Yes we have wars, but quite often those are with our neighbors, or between religious factions; two brothers who though they worship the same God, don’t know it! War is from an era when people were disposable and winning was profitable. Now, war is no longer winnable by either side. The weapons are too lethal. The cost too high.

We reach out and we CAN reach: everyone, everywhere. With a message: “Triumph (you can! We all can!) through Communicating and Peace-building.

Enthused, dignified energy, seeking heart connections to our innate joy and wisdom.

Everyone, everywhere. You, me, us all.

Let it be so.


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