EQ ! Emotional Intelligence Quotient is Empatharian

An Empatharian is a person whose commitment and authentic personhood are aligned with emotional intelligence, empathy, conflict resolution, and non-violent communication. They are involved in story circles, talking circles, and social circles that are about positive transformation of humanity, personal transformation, healing trauma, and preventing war and physical conflict.

The Pledge
While there are many others on the planet with these same commitments and who also embody their beliefs, an Empatharian would actually be a person trained in Empatharian Peace Arts. They would experience a unity with a structured organization, Empatharian Movement for Peace, with a structured program, Empatharian Peace Arts Academy, whose whole purpose is happiness. Whose work is making a stand for empowering all the people, their interdependence, and happiness. For beautiful, thoughtful dignified work.

An Empatharian stands out distinctly from others of good intent, in the shine of their smiles, the authenticity of their presence, and their good sense of humor. This comes from the polishing that happens when Empatharians do the Empatharian movement practices, the “Empath Stretch” and many other specially designed demonstrations of Empatharian movement. They communicate in gestures that intuitively convey shared meanings, universally, to anyone who watches, no matter their culture or ethnicity, their spoken language or their gender.

Cher had a saying, “If you’re not willing to make a fool of yourself, you’ll never get to greatness.” Empatharians are willing to make fools of themselves, willing to stand out and be different. An Empatharian knows that our mistakes are our greatest teachers, and perfection comes at great cost. Empatharians are not perfect, they are just courageous, and excited by the prospect of continual personal growth and always finding new inner resources to power their work.

Sense of Humor
Laughter is the sound of the clash of two points of view. Empatharians joyfully celebrate differing points of view, and their laughter is always respectful, never at the cost of someone else’s respect or dignity. To be able to embody more than one point of view, and enjoy the discussion, seeing another’s point of view, and feeling their feelings in their shoes: these are the joys of being an Empatharian.

An Empatharian has many opportunities to express their individual ideas, movements, and feelings about things. As they are training to keep their eyes on the horizon, to see and seek how justice can be done, how restitution and restorative justice can be done, they exercise their creativity. All people’s qualify for this designation, Empatharian, when they pass through the creative steps of the process, do the work, and make that pledge.

Why a Pledge?
An Empatharian takes a pledge in trust of the process, to accept the discipline of their self-direction, and the power of a choice for the good of all the people. Some may stray from their respectful and respected stand for peace-building, but the pledge helps remind, inspire, and align a powerful intention. When light is the aim, darkness has no argument. The light illuminates the darkness and we see that all are one. Words keep an alignment that is for health, for connection, and for the happiness of all.

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