Enthusiasm for Truth, Openness, Non-Violence

While some bluster others work diligently clarifying the obscured, revealing the shameful, and detailing their honest appraisals of current events: facts. In this world it’s sad that we have at our top levels a leader in the USA who is not inspiring confidence, but is ensuring his own wealth and spends great energy blaming others for the crises we are in.

In Wikipedia, “Enthusiasm is intense enjoyment, interest, or approval. The word was originally used to refer to a person possessed by a god, or someone who exhibited intense piety.

Enthusiasm originates from the Greek ἐνθουσιασμός from ἐν and θεός and οὐσία, meaning “possessed by [a] god’s essence”, applied by the Greeks to manifestations of divine possession, by Apollo (as in the case of the Pythia), or by Dionysus (as in the case of the Bacchantes and Maenads), the term enthusiasm was also used in a transferred or figurative sense. Socrates taught that the inspiration of poets is a form of enthusiasm. The term was confined to a belief in religious inspiration, or to intense religious fervor or emotion.

In Empatharian, the gesture is hands facing outward, fingers splayed slightly and up, at heart level, moving forward and out to the sides. It’s also the universal gesture for non-violence, “I come in peace”, or “surrender”, though the motion outwards is not included.

When Tammy Narena, the originator and my mother, would do this gesture, it was with a smile and head starting slightly bowed , shaking slightly back and forth in high emotion, running towards the audience, where she’d land with arms splayed and head up looking in the eyes of her audience.

Enthusiasm is contagious. It is simple inspired honesty, openness, and faith. In these times of fearful imaginings and difficult awful visual proofs of our pandemic’s ferocity, it’s hard to feel simply positive, simply open, simply full of faith.

And yet it is required of us. We need to carry ourselves and our loved ones through this difficult time, when we are often physically apart, when we are not able to squeeze a hand in reassurance. When words can ring hollow, with our own horror at unfolding events can take our breath away, we must hold on to our breath: take those cleansing deep breaths. And exhale completely, letting out the stress, letting go of the tightening, stranglehold of this worry.

We can do affirmations- affirmations we believe in!

Treat yourself to a gesture of Empatharian, energy, immunity, and stress reduction in the days of quarantine. Future blogs will describe in detail all the other gestures, though now it’s just fine to guess. Move your motions, and your emotions will follow…

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